How to style your puffer coat now that winter is officially here

That walk to class is brutal in the cold winter months. Up your puffer game with this easy and cute look that will still keep you warm. 

Taylor Maerz

The temperature is dropping, and puffer coats are back. Being in the Midwest in the fall and winter season, a puffer is a closet essential. Keeping you warm and fashionable at the same time, a good puffer jacket checks all the boxes for a winter coat.

A puffer jacket can be dressed up or down and is perfect for any occasion. When purchasing, try to look for a neutral color that will coordinate with the majority of your closet.

Here are five looks styling a puffer coat for every possible situation you could encounter this semester.

Going to class

When temperatures drop to below freezing, you’re going to want to be bundled up when you walk to class. This look is perfect for throwing on before your fifteen-minute walk to your 8 a.m. – it is effortless and comfortable!

A matching sweatsuit is great to pair with a puffer coat. If you don’t have a matching set, that’s okay! Try pairing similar colors together that are in the same color scheme. This will create a put-together look that is also keeping you warm. Throw your puffer on top, and you’re ready to go.

Accessorize with your favorite beanie and Uggs. Yes, Uggs. They are back in style and comfier than ever, not to mention perfect for maintaining warmth in the winter.

Running errands after the gym

There is no better feeling than a Target run after crushing a workout at the gym. Instead of going home to change after, though, just throw on your puffer, and you’re good to go!

Even if you’re not too fond of the gym, leggings and a gym top are great for casual daywear.

Although this look is typically designed to keep you cool, adding a puffer makes it wearable in the winter.

Pair your “gym-set” with some crew socks and your favorite sneakers for a Princess Diana moment.

Casual everyday

Put your favorite pair of jeans on for this look. Any wash of denim works for this outfit, as well as any level of distress. Skinny, baggy, cargo or mom jeans will all work!

Grab your trusty puffer jacket and start to accessorize. To keep it casual, throw on your comfiest crewneck or hoodie. To balance the visually heavy top of the outfit, pair a chunky sneaker or boot for your shoes. Put on some sunglasses to finish off this relaxed everyday outfit.

Dinner date

It is hard to dress fancy while also staying warm. No need to fret, though – puffer coat to the rescue!

Put on your favorite dress for your fancy date, and throw some tights underneath. Here is a hack for wearing tights in the winter: purchase fleece-lined tights that match your skin tone, and then put sheer tights on top of those to make it look like you are only wearing sheer. Next, just put your puffer on top. If you are still chilly, try wearing a tight turtleneck underneath your dress too.

Wear some chunky boots and your favorite bag with this look.

Going to the bars

Bringing a coat to the bars is such a hassle. You don’t have anywhere to put it, it gets in the way, and it ruins your outfit. Wearing a puffer solves all of these problems. Not to mention, you will thank yourself for wearing one when you are walking home.

This look is perfect for wearing out because it adds just enough to the outfit without taking away from it. It is an easy transitional outfit from a typical summer going-out ensemble to a fall and winter outfit. Pair with your favorite bar shoes and a simple top to finish off the look.