The Center prepares for move to the Memorial Union in 2019


Ryan Bretoi/Iowa State Daily

Memorial Union Placeholder Stock Photo

Logan Metzger

The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success announced Wednesday on their social media that they will be moving into the Memorial Union in spring 2019.

Roslyn Gray, president of Pride Alliance and a senior in biology, said the benefits of the move are being closer to food, having a larger and more cooperative space and providing a bigger opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community to be seen.

According to a post on their Facebook, more details will be coming soon about a specific location and a grand opening.

Student comments on both the Facebook and Instagram posts show lots of support and happiness about the announcement, with lots of exclamation marks and emojis included.

“I will miss the space because I have grown accustomed to the rainbow room being in the same space since I have moved in,” Gray said. “I still go there to this day when I need a place to chill.”