Cyber Monday deals we’re super excited about


Black Friday and Cyber Monday can offer great deals to students on a budget. 

Bethany Schleisman

As the holiday season approaches, college students think about how to gift others and themselves on a budget. Maybe you need that new MacBook for school or the newest watch just because.

We look forward to the biggest deals of the year like Black Friday and Cyber Monday all year-round. Cyber Monday offers a variety of sale items without the hectic-ness that Black Friday causes. 

“Cyber Monday was introduced as a way for e-commerce retailers like Amazon to capitalize on holiday discounts and, in turn, an excuse for retailers to expand their biggest sales events of the year,” said Mili Godio from NBC News.

Deals online with large retailers, such as Amazon, draw the attention of many college students because they offer a vast variety of technology, clothing and accessories. 

College students may wonder what to look for when Cyber Monday shopping, and honestly, they should look for anything and everything. Many students don’t think about the logical items they may need when coming to college.

You may need kitchen appliances, new and updated computers, TVs, new book bags and winter coats as well as those small-wants, like some new clothing, speakers, cameras and gaming consoles. The list could go on and on, but here are some of the top items to check out when Cyber Monday shopping this year. 

Apple keeps coming out with more and more technology. Their latest advancement within the Apple Watch is the Series 7. You may want the newest one or you may want to stick to something a little more under budget. Tom’s Guide offers a variety of places to find the best Apple watch deals on Cyber Monday.

Ever thought about buying a standing desk? Now is the time to buy one if so. Standing desks offer a wide variety of things to college students. Having a desk that allows you to stand up and move around can be good for your health and good for your school work. Check out deals on standing desks here.          

Best Buy offers a variety of technology from computers to TVs and even appliances. Save big on Best Buy’s Cyber Monday sale. Best Buy compares and shows Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale prices allowing you to see which deal is more competitive. 

Need a new TV for your apartment, house or room? Shop no further than Amazon. Amazon is offering a vast variety of TV deals this Cyber Monday. Brands like Roku, LG, Samsung and more will offer discounts. Check out more of the deals here.

If you are looking for a gift on a budget for someone else, you can check out Target, Kohls, Amazon, Walmart and more that will be offering Cyber Monday sales on technology and more. Find that special gift for someone while it’s on sale.

Cyber Monday can cause stress, but if you have things in mind, you want to look them up and find out where they will be on sale. Planning ahead and doing research can save you tons of time and obviously money. If you do Cyber Monday shopping right, you will find the best deals and save your broke college-self some money.