Student Government hears about resources for LGBTQIA+ students


The Student Government Senate listening to Senate nominees declare how they would best represent their constituents Sept. 8.

Ryan Bussert

The Director of the Center of LGBTQIA+ Student Success Brad Freihoefer and the Assistant Director Cheltzie Miller-Bailey spoke to student government about LGBTQIA+ students and resources on campus.

Miller-Bailey spoke of the center’s mission to develop academic and personal success for students who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community. This included bringing attention to the Center Space, a location in the Memorial Union that allows students of the LGBTQIA+ to socialize, study and relax.

The presentation included a pronoun guide, all-gender restroom map, coming out guide, scholarship list and gender-inclusive housing.

Miller-Bailey said this center serves as a place where students who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community can feel comfortable and safe. 

The Student Government passed a bill of $390 to fund a pumpkin smashing event hosted by the Student Government. This event is open to all students who would like to participate in smashing pumpkins with baseball bats.

There was some discussion on whether an event such as this would be a good use of student’s money when it could be used for funding other student organizations.

Student Government Senator Advait M. said this event would be a great opportunity for the Student Government to provide a fun and exciting event for students prior to finals week.

The Student Government passed a bill to transfer funds for Winterfest on Dec. 3, an end-of-semester social event for all students. This event takes place every year, however due to COVID-19, the event was canceled last year. The event is planned to continue yearly going forward.

“It’s meant as one of the final events students can come and just hang out and have a relaxing time and fun event,” said the Service Learning and Student Organization Coordinator Tim Reuter.

The Student Government passed a bill that would transfer funds for Students for St. Jude to fund the end of the year event that would allow them to pay for inflatables and a caricature artist. The event is presented every year as a celebration of the money raised by the organization

The Student Government confirmed Roman Phillips, a junior majoring in pre-business and marine veteran, as an off campus senator.

Student Government appointed Payton Roling, a freshman majoring in open option, and Stacey Sewe, a junior majoring in kinesiology and health, to the Civic Engagement Committee. Ahillan Kumar, a junior majoring in community and regional planning, was appointed to the Election Commission.