Gridiron Staff Picks: No. 12 Oklahoma

Matt Belinson

Matt Belinson, sports editor (6-4)

Iowa State 27, Oklahoma 20

I certainly didn’t expect coming into the season that this game would have such little stakes. But here we are.

I’m taking Iowa State in this one. I’m not confident in it, but it’s what I’m going with. This team has shown an ability to respond to head-scratching losses in big ways this season. And I think we’ll see that again on Saturday.

The Sooners are a good team and have plenty of talent, but something tells me the Cyclones will come to play and come to win. And expect Breece Hall and the run game to show up this time around.

Sam Stuve, assistant sports editor (6-4)

Oklahoma 41, Iowa State 31

The Iowa State defense hasn’t had the strongest of performances that last two times it has had hit the road and I’m expecting to not go its way this time around as well.

Oklahoma’s offense, whether it’s been led by quarterback Caleb Williams or Spencer, has been potent throughout the majority of this season. 

Iowa State’s defense could be in line for a rebound week, but I don’t feel 100 percent comfortable picking that to happen.

The Cyclone offense should be able to keep this close throughout, but a score by the Sooners on their final drive of the game should put this one away. 

James Powell, assistant sports editor (5-5)

Oklahoma 35, Iowa State 24

Here we find ourselves. The Cyclones out of Big 12 contention and I have a 5-5 record in picks. Who would’ve thought.

Anyways, I think things go from bad to worse for Iowa State. Oklahoma is coming in looking to avenge a loss, akin to its opponent. So I think the difference-maker here is home-field advantage.

Add in the fact that Caleb Williams presents an issue for the subpar secondary of Iowa State, and the Cyclones leave Norman with a 6-5 record and continued skepticism about where they went wrong.

Gabby Lucas, visuals editor

Iowa State 30, Oklahoma 0

I am not a college football person.

Oklahoma this, Iowa State that, y’all, who cares. We are a state that barely exists to the rest of the country playing a glorified game of catch with a different state that also barely exists to the rest of the country. I have never been anywhere near Oklahoma, but I do have a little sportsmanship. Here are a bunch of reasons why I think the Sooners will lose this weekend:

  1. Oklahoma is just lame Texas.

  2. The panhandle has absolutely no business looking that obnoxious.

  3. When I was in third grade, our teacher said if everybody got 100 percent on the 50 states spelling quiz we would all get an extra hour at recess. My teacher graded the tests and said everyone got 100 except one person so we couldn’t have a long recess. Got my test back and y’all it was me. I spelled Oklahoma as “Oklaholma.” This is my earliest memory of ruining everything by overthinking.

  4. The family from Grapes of Wrath were from Oklahoma and they spent the entire book annoying each other to death.

  5. Dr. Phil is from Oklahoma and he scares me.

  6. Brad Pitt is from Oklahoma and I haven’t forgiven him for what he did to Angelina.

All in all, I get the vibe you could just push someone from Oklahoma over and they wouldn’t even be that mad. The state of Iowa may not have much to show for itself, but hey, out of all the most forgetful states in the country, I’d sure as hell rather be here than in Oklahoma. No offense.