The international student council showcased different cultures through their Bazaar night on Wednesday

Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez

Students experienced a variety of different cultures through Bazaar night on Wednesday at the Memorial Union.

Bazaar was put on by the International Students Council to “showcase golden eras of different countries to make it a fun way for students to experience different countries,” said sophomore Gwow Thiratrakoolchai, a student member of the council.

According to the International Students Council website, the objective of the Council is to enhance communication between Iowa State, Ames, and the International Community.

The event had clothing displays to portray the differences in fashion norms across the world. They also had games and food from different countries, as well as a photobooth the Council had set up for students’ enjoyment.

“In the U.S. people are probably only familiar with things concerning the US, not other places in the world,” said Thiratrakoolchai. “So instead of having to go to all those countries, we have them here for them already.”

Bazaar was an opportunity for people to be educated on different cultures and issues taking place across the globe and a chance to have open discussions about the world today in a diverse setting.

The International Student Council values educating not only Iowa State students, but also the Ames community about cultures from all over the world. They accomplish this by creating events “that showcase the cultures and lifestyles of the International Community,” attempting to “educate the ISU community and create awareness about humanitarian issues around the world” and providing “opportunity for exchange of ideas among constituents and [representing] constituents before the administration of Iowa State University and the City of Ames,” according to their website.