An at-home workout set for those cold winter days


Working out at home can save time and is easier than getting to the gym on busy days!

Haley Thams

Winter is coming, but don’t let that stop you from staying healthy at home. This full body circuit does not require anything but yourself.

Getting to the gym can be intimidating and scary, so do not be afraid to try exercising at home. This workout is a quick bodyweight workout that should not take too much time. 

Estimated time for this workout: 20 min

Make sure to start off with a quick stretch.

Warm-up: 30 seconds each

Do each exercise twice.

  • Jumping jacks

    • Keep your core engaged and aim for height and speed.

  • Squats

    • Keep your back flat with your feet shoulder width apart and squeeze your glutes at the top.

  • High Knees

    • Again, keeping your core engaged at a running place, alternate lifting each leg to your chest. 

Circuit: 45 seconds each with 15 second rest between

Repeat three times.

  • Pendulum lunge

    • Reverse lunge with both legs at a 90-degree angle. With the same leg, bring it to a forward lunge. Alternate legs after 45 seconds. 

  • Mountain climber 

    • In a high plank position, bring opposing legs up to your chest and comfortably pick up speed.

  • Squat thrust

    • Feet hip width apart, in a squat stance start by placing your hands on the floor and jump your feet back into a high plank position and then jumping them back to your hands. Return to the squat position, stand and repeat. 

  • Burpee

    • Jump with your hands above your head. Lower to a plank position, place hands in front of you on the ground and do a push up. Repeat.

  • Plank up-downs

    • In a plank position use each arm to bring yourself up to a high plank, and then back down into the low plank on your elbows. Keep your core engaged the entire time. 

  • Holding squat

    • While in the squat position, hold for a few seconds, then come back up, squeezing the glutes. 

  • V-up

    • Lie on your back with your arms extended above your head. Point your toes and squeeze your thighs and glutes. Lift your arms and legs to each other. Your back should be lifted off of the ground while making a “V” shape to engage your core. 

Cool down: 20 seconds each

Repeat each exercise as needed.

  • Knee to chest

    • Lay on your back and alternate bringing each leg to your chest. Lock your fingers around your knee/shin and hold.

  • Forward fold

    • Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend over while trying to keep your legs straight. Fold your arms and hold onto your elbows while tucking your head into your chest to elongate your spine.

  • Downward dog

    • Starting in a high plank, slowly move your hips backward to straighten your spine. Alternate lifting each heel to stretch your legs. 

Take your time with each exercise and go at your own pace. Consistency, not intensity, should be the goal.