Gridiron staff picks: Kansas State


Matt Belinson

Matt Belinson, sports editor (4-1)

Iowa State 27, Kansas State 21

Welcome back football. I’ve missed you. 

The bye week is finally over and it’s time to see how much Iowa State has improved after a 3-2 start. We won’t know for sure what that will look like until kickoff at 6:30 p.m. Saturday night, but I feel it’s going to be a positive.

This rivalry is historically one-sided in favor of Kansas State. And by the way, last season barely counts when you factor in the competitive disadvantages in favor of Iowa State.

I think we’ll a true battle on Saturday between two teams desperate for a win. I think Iowa State gets the job done and wins.

Sam Stuve, assistant sports editor (3-2)

Iowa State 23, Kansas State 20

Last year’s game was a blowout between these two teams, with a 45-0 rout by Iowa State. This is not the norm in “Farmegeddon” as the games are usually close, but Kansas State usually finds a way to win. 

It’s been 17 years since Iowa State has defeated Kansas State on the road, but I think that seven game road losing streak ends on Saturday. 

This will be a tough one. I think both defenses will limit the amount of scoring opportunities for the opposing offense. But I think that Iowa State will have a few more big plays and make a couple of key stops to squeak out a win.

James Powell, assistant sports editor (3-2)

Iowa State 24, Kansas State 17

Now we begin the home stretch of Iowa State football. Seven conference games remain, an eighth in Arlington is still in play for the Cyclones. 

I think that Kansas State will be no easy task for Iowa State. The Wildcats have already played competitive games against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. I do, however, also think that the Cyclones are saying all the right things coming out of their lone bye.

They seem to be in a good place to try and make a run in the Big 12, and I think that starts in Manhattan with a close, but convincing win for Iowa State. 

Claire Hoppe, news editor of diversity

Iowa State 28, Kansas State 26

Before I state my pick, a disclaimer should be put out there.

Even after watching my brother play football for 10+ years, I still don’t understand it. Sure, I’ll go to Iowa State football games and sing the fight song and do all the fun dances, but do I really know what is going on? No, no I do not. With this in mind, I’m basing my pick off of the school mascots.

Kansas State’s mascot is Willie the Wildcat. While wildcats may be intimidating, the name Willie ruins all he has going for him. No one will ever be scared of something named Willie.

On the other hand, we’ve got Cy. Cy might be a smaller animal, but where Willie runs, Cy flies – enough said.

Considering all of this, Iowa State will win on Saturday simply because Cy is better than any wildcat I’ve ever seen (sorry Troy Bolton).