Gridiron staff picks: No.8 Oklahoma State


Isd Sports Desk

Matt Belinson, sports editor (5-1)

Iowa State 21, Oklahoma State 27

Talk about an opportunity.

After a lackluster start to the season, Iowa State welcomes No.8 Oklahoma State to town on Saturday for a chance to truly resurrect a season that is treading water at this point. It’s a chance for Iowa State to get back into the AP top-25 and truly catapult itself into the Big 12 Championship race.

But I’ve got the Cowboys in this one.

Iowa State’s been in this position before and it’s become too common to see mistakes and wasted chances pop up in these type of match-ups. I think the Cowboys are stingy on defense and will cause issues for this Cyclone offense that has not been shy about getting in its own way. 

I think Oklahoma State makes more plays — and fewer mistakes — to take down Iowa State in Ames.

Sam Stuve, assistant sports editor (4-2)

Iowa State 25, Oklahoma State 23

Since Brock Purdy’s debut in 2018, Iowa State has not defeated Oklahoma State. And in those two games, Purdy has combined for two touchdowns and four interceptions. 

But what Iowa State has done well against Oklahoma State is run the ball, as Breece Hall has combined for 261 yards and three touchdowns in his two games against Oklahoma State.

I think that both running backs will be able to get each running games going a bit, but the difference maker to me will be which quarterback can make more plays and which team can make the fewest mistakes.

Oklahoma State quarterback Spencer Sanders has done his job so far to beat Iowa State in the last two seasons, and to get off to a 6-0 start this year.

However, I think Purdy and company will be the ones that make the most plays and avoid making the big mistakes. Mix in a safety by the Iowa State defense and I think Iowa State will pull off the upset.

James Powell, assistant sports editor (4-2)

Iowa State 13, Oklahoma State 17

Iowa State has picked up some much-needed wins against Kansas and Kansas State the last two weeks. Those are games they were expected to win and they took care of business.

Now the Cyclones welcome the No. 8 Cowboys to Ames with hopes of exercising their October demons that exist with the Cowboys. Brock Purdy has two losses his entire career in October, both at the hands of Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State has playmakers at all levels on both sides of the ball, and Iowa State will need to play nearly a perfect game if they have a hope of upsetting the Cowboys.

I tend to believe that until something or someone is proved wrong, it’s only logical to stick with them. In this case, that means picking against the Cyclones until they prove that they can beat Mike Gundy and his team in the hallowed month of “Brocktober.”

Logan Metzger, managing editor

Iowa State 23,  Oklahoma State 26

Being a failure at watching sports, I will not be basing my thoughts on previous games or player records. I will however be basing my assumptions on the uniforms for the two teams.

Iowa State of course has its cardinal and gold uniform. A classic right? Well I mean yeah, but as someone who looks absolutely terrible in red I just really am not sure that anyone actually looks good in it. Besides President Wintersteen of course, a red blazer is always in season for her. But back to football, I am just not sure I can really put my support in all that red on that football field.

Then when we look at Oklahoma State, I am not exactly sure which uniform they will be wearing but if it anything with orange then its a “no” from me. Just like red, I personally have a fashion vendetta against orange. I look even worse in orange than I do red, and I don’t even think President Wintersteen could pull that off…

But alas I have to make a choice between these two not great choices, and I have overheard people who actually know sports and they don’t have high hopes for Iowa State. So, I have to go with the Cowboys here, even with their orange.