Student Government and Ames City Council will hold joint meeting


The Student Government Senate addressed funding for recreational activities and campus recycling during their Sep. 1 weekly meeting.

Ryan Bussert

The Ames City Council will join the Iowa State Student Government to discuss policies that affect both institutions, including the Ames Climate Action Plan, 801 day and mental health.

The City Council will attend the Student Government’s weekly meeting Wednesday in the Campanile room at the Memorial Union. The meeting will provide an opportunity for Student Government members to discuss the Ames Climate action plan, a plan to make Ames carbon neutral by 2040.

The Council will be discussing an update to the Ames climate action plan and allow the Student Government to share their ideas, changes and improvements on the plan.

The entities will be discussing ideas and solutions to 801 day and the problems the day presents.

City Council will provide an update on their Biking Infrastructure Workshop, a plan for Ames to improve bicycle infrastructure and connectivity. 

There will also be discussion on what interaction from students looks like as well as suggestions from Student Government on how to improve student engagement in the Ames community. 

Both groups will have a discussion on mental health and how they could aid each other, as well as possible initiatives to combat mental health problems in the community.

After the joint meeting the Student Government will hold their own meeting at 7 p.m. where they will vote to fund $17,000 to a new online finance program.

The current online financial system is outdated and has potential security risks. The new system would allow for a more functional budgeting program to increase transparency and accessibility to students.

The Student Government will also vote to fund the Ames Student Association for Malaysians. The association exists to enhance communication and promote Malaysian culture. The funds would be used to advertise their group and allow more students to be a part of it.

The Student Government and Ames City Council joint meeting Wednesday will be followed by the regularly scheduled Student Government meeting at 7 p.m.