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Iowa State guard Tyrese Hunter talk to reporters at Iowa State men’s basketball media day on Oct. 13.

Matt Belinson


Lack of Playmaking

-Team assist to turnover ratios since 2000-01 season:

-0.8 in 2020-21

-Last season was the lowest since 2006-07 (0.79)

-First time in the last 15 seasons the team finished under 1.0


-Iowa State had 278 assists last season

-Rasir 82 assists

-Javan Johnson 57 assists

-Tyler Harris 23 assists

-Tre Jackson 20 assists

-Jaden Walker 31 assists

-Lost 88.3 percent of the team’s assists from last year


2020-21 (14.9 per game)

-Highest in the last 10 seasons; have not had over 13.3 previously since 2009-10 with 13.8

Total games with 17 or more: 10

Total games with 20 or more: 4

Previous five seasons combined:

16 total games with 17 or more turnovers

4 total games with 20 or more

-Rasir lead the team at 3.9 assists per game and a 1.21 assist to turnover ratio in 2020-21

-First time since the 2007-08 season where ISU had its team leader in assists with less than four assists a game

-Tyrese Hunter averaged 4.6 assists as a senior at St Catherine’s


Daniyal Robinson:

“We’ve gotta lot of unselfish guys, guys that are looking the way our offense is set I think will help him.”

Gabe Kalscheur on Tyrese:

He’s a really good playmaker. Reads on-ball screens really well



T.J. on Tyrese and point guard spot

Unique lineup with Tristan Enaruna at PG

-Tyrese looks to be starter

Tre Jackson played more off ball but could be a possibility and Jaden Walker

Tyrese knows he has to pressure the basketball, play with pace

That’s an area we’ve got a lot of focus and we’ve seen different guys show positives day-in and day-out.

Tyrese ability to manage the game, understand time and score and when to execute

Burdening responsibility

“Team success matters to him, getting his teammates involved matters. We’re really confident in the job he’ll do, not only this year, but years beyond.”

“Certainly, there’s going to be learning, there’s going to be bumps along the road, there’s going to be mistakes and we’re gonna continue to encourage him to play through those with an unrelenting confidence.”