Style Steal: Rachel Green from FRIENDS stardom

A patterned dress is a simple look that takes little styling to look incredible. 

Megan Lenzi

Known for her show-stopping looks in the TV show “FRIENDS,” Rachel Green was a trendsetter and was bound to land a job in the fashion industry [spoiler alert]. As an avid “FRIENDS” fan and fashion-lover myself, I was drawn to the 90s fashion icon character Rachel Green for many reasons, her outfits being my favorite.


Rachel Green usually incorporates plaid and isn’t afraid of some pattern in her style. Layering was also a key part of her wardrobe. She layered with long sleeves, collared shirts, cardigans, vests and various jackets to dress up or down a look. I styled one of my outfit recreations with a button-down collared shirt and a plaid blazer to contrast colors and recreate her layered look.


In the show, Green wore a variety of textures in her outfits. She wore leather in her wardrobe, usually with a blazer or skirt. Also, silk button-downs and slip-dresses were a significant part of her clothing. Denim was a popular texture in her outfits through vests or jeans.

I styled a white denim long-sleeve top to incorporate this texture in my style steal. Combining an array of textures in one look makes it more interesting and adds to the overall look.

Closet staples

Green’s outfits throughout the show took a lot of inspiration from “90s casual” trends. She was often seen in Levi jeans paired with baby tees. For her workwear, she wore outfits ranging from a mini skirt with a collared shirt and a blazer to a matching blazer pantsuit set. Mini dresses were also a closet staple. She often styled them for formal events or casual occasions.

These closet staples are a must in any 90s capsule wardrobe. Luckily, they are easy to find at your local thrift store and are the key to a laidback and edgy vintage style.


A classic staple accessory for Green was black sheer tights, typically worn under mini skirts or shorts. Knee-high boots and gold double ring belts were workwear essentials for Green to dress up her style. Accessories are vital in taking an outfit to the next level, especially for Green’s workwear looks.

Don’t be afraid to try new styles or layer different pieces together if you’re going for Rachel Green’s look. A true 90s icon like Green keeps her outfits both edgy and stylish.