a successful weekend for the cyclones’ tennis and Naklo



Iowa State tennis head coach walks on the court in the Cyclones’ match against Marquette on Jan. 24, 2021. 

Chanler Twedt

It was a successful weekend for the tennis team as they entered the final days looked the past two days looking to keep the success on the Kitty Harrison Invanitional and the Gopher Invitational finals.

Iowa State’s No.38 Thasaporn Naklo defeats No. 78 Anika Yarlagadda of North Carolina, 6-4, 6-4, and coming out as the tournament champion.

Naklo wasn’t the only cyclones’ that did well in tournament No. 91, and Miska Kadleckova beat Princeton’s Maia Sung to capture a consolation title.

Gopher Invitational the rest of the cyclones’ in the gopher tournament did well as Kezuka finished her weekend with a 3-1 victory over Drake’s Darinka Stepan. In her doubles action ending her weekend with a loss as she and the teammate felling to North Dakota.

Overall the tennis team was 1-1 on the last day of the Gopher Invitational and 6-1 in the Kitty Harrison Invitational within stunt actions on Kitty Harrison as Char. defeated Iowa State Sofia and Cabezas, 6-3, and Hsieh and Naklo defeated Harvey and, Zink of North Carolina, 6-0.