Gridiron staff picks: Northern Iowa


The Iowa State Daily football writers make their pick for this week’s game for the Cyclones.

Matt Belinson

Matt Belinson, sports editor (0-0)

Iowa State 34, Northern Iowa 14

The Cyclones should win this game comfortability. Key word there is ‘should’. 

Both of these teams are veteran and have talent on both sides of the ball, but Iowa State’s talent is stronger at every position. The Cyclones will take a drive or two to score but I have a feeling they’ll settle in and show why they enter the season at No.7 in the country.

Sam Stuve, assistant sports editor (0-0)

Pick: Iowa State 37, Northern Iowa 13

More often than not, the games between Iowa State and Northern Iowa are very close ones. Northern Iowa has beaten Iowa State on multiple occasions and has been a tough out for Iowa State in the past. While Northern Iowa should keep this game close for the first two and a half quarters, I think Iowa State will pull away late in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter.

The combination of Iowa State’s running game led by Heisman contender Breece Hall, fellow Heisman contender Brock Purdy at quarterback and a tough defense, Iowa State should shake the opening game woes it has had in the past. 

James Powell, assistant sports editor (0-0)

Iowa State 38, Northern Iowa 10

I think that Iowa State is in a much better place mentally for this season opener than they usually are. Many players have discussed how the Cyclones in the past have not come ready to play in the first game of the season. They sound more prepared, and I think they’ll be able to back it up on the field.

This game feels like it’ll be close for a quarter or two, but the Cyclones will eventually wear out the Panther defense with their workhorse, Breece Hall and be able to take the cover off the defense in the second half.

Madison Mason, audience and engagement editor

Iowa State 40, Northern Iowa 14

Now, in my pick last year, I spent the whole time basically telling the fact that I know nothing about football and am not qualified to make an educated guess… Now, don’t get your hopes up, because I’m still not qualified to make a guess, but I have increased my knowledge (slightly), so I’m feeling hopeful for my choices.

Last year my staff pick bit the bullet, so this year I’m hoping to have a better outcome with the Cyclones taking the game. Buckle up and get ready for the season, folx, it’s Cyclone season. So go watch the game in person (safely) or watch it on a big screen in the safety of your own home.

As well, make sure to check out the spectacular Gridiron content that the sports team is producing, because their work is even making me a football fan– it’s that good. So tell a sports journalist you appreciate them today, and let’s play some football. Go Cyclones!