Podcasts to listen to on your daily walk to campus


Podcasts are a great resource for students to laugh, learn and connect while multitasking. 

Taylor Maerz

With school starting soon, we are all going to need a go-to podcast to put on while we walk to class. Whether you are into listening about bloody murders or learning how Chanel bags are made, there is a podcast out there to keep you entertained. Here’s a couple of each genre to try out.


“The Joe Rogan Experience”

With a different special guest on each episode, Joe Rogan chats with doctors, comedians and every occupation in between about life and all of its glory.

“Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain”

From dating advice to funny stories about being a young adult in the real world, Emma Chamberlain talks through it all with a humorous attitude. Chamberlain’s content is relatable and real.

“Girls Gotta Eat”

 An alternative to “Call Her Daddy”, the “Girls Gotta Eat” hosts talk about worst date stories, relationships (both romantic and platonic) and navigating life as a girl in your 20’s.


“We Can Do Hard Things” with Glennon Doyle

This is a feel-good podcast that reminds you who you are and what you are capable of. Inspired by a little bit of “self help,” “We Can Do Hard Things” will bring some light into your day when you need a pick-me-up.

“Maintenance Phase”

This podcast exposes myths surrounding health and diet trends and fads in today’s culture.

“Gals on the Go”

Two recent college grads discuss how to maximize your life post-graduation, including diving into business and personal life topics.


“The Pat McAfee Show”

Former NFL player Pat McAfee chats about all things sports, including stories from his glory days with co-host and fellow former NFL player AJ Hawk. 

“Pardon My Take”

Dan Katz and Eric Sollenberger head this Barstool-led podcast that talks about the biggest stories across sports. The show, like “The Pat McAfee Show”, adds a unique and fun comedic element for its audience.


“Crime Junkie” 

A new story every episode, Crime Junkie delves into cold blooded murders, kidnappings and traumas that keep you on your toes.

“My Favorite Murder” 

The two co-hosts of this podcast share their most treasured crime stories and fans can submit their favorite crimes as well.

“Conspiracy Theories” 

Hundreds of conspiracy theories are explained and debunked leaving you to decide who and what you really believe in.


“The Daily” 

Hosted by the New York Times, “The Daily” highlights the biggest and most important news stories in our world.

“BBC Minute” 

One minute of news is uploaded every half hour to this podcast keeping you fresh and up-to-date at all times.

“Consider This from NPR” 

Hosts of this podcast explain top news stories and why you should care about them.


“Stuff You Should Know” 

Interested in learning about anything under the sun? This podcast can teach you about anything you want to know in less than 60 minutes.

“You’re Wrong About” 

Playing Devil’s advocate, these two hosts bring attention to someone or something that has gotten a bad reputation in the past and reconsider the reputation society has for them.

“Fashion No Filter” 

Two fashion journalists go behind-the-scenes to show listeners the ins and outs of the fashion industry.