Summer date ideas


Whether or not you have a summer fling, be sure to try these date ideas with a friend.

Nicole Mattson

This summer, you may be looking for a few new date ideas to spend your time outdoors and in the sun. Listed below are four great ways to spend some time with your significant other in Ames.

  1. Reiman Gardens

Reiman Gardens is located on the south side of Jack Trice Stadium. Along with the garden’s beautiful scenery, it offers an affordable date being free for full-time Iowa State students. Between the butterfly room and the flower gardens, this is the perfect place to take photos with each other. 

  1. ISU Creamery

If you have never been, the Iowa State Creamery makes their own ice cream and has flavors exclusive to Iowa State, like the “Campanile Kiss” and “Two Swans.” The Creamery is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday and is located in the Food Sciences building.

  1. Furman Aquatic Center

After being closed due to COVID-19 last summer, this season the waterpark will be open again. Going swimming, down the slides or just laying in the sun together can make for the perfect day date.

  1. Picnic at Lake LaVerne

Pack a lunch or dinner and some snacks to feed the geese. Bring a blanket or a hammock and spend some time together listening to music, eating food and enjoying the outdoors.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to impress your partner this summer. No matter who you decide to take on this date, have fun and enjoy the sun.