Pollard expects stadium to be full during coming football season


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Jack Trice Stadium at Iowa State. 

Andrew Harrington

As vaccination rates continue to increase, restrictions across the country begin to be lifted. Iowa State is starting to receive some of these rewards as mask requirements are being lifted, and Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard said he envisions Jack Trice Stadium being full next football season.

Due to the pandemic, the football team started last season with no fans attending the home opener. Heading into the next game, Iowa State allowed a limited number of fans to enter the stadium. This balancing act of protecting the fans and allowing them to come to the stadium continued for the rest of the season.

During the highly anticipated Virtual Cyclone Tailgate Tour event May 19, Jamie Pollard discussed all things Iowa State Athletics. Pollard was fielding fan questions when he was asked whether or not the stadium would be full in the coming football season.

Pollard said not only would the stadium experience full capacity again, but there would be more people there than ever before.

“We are going to have a full stadium this fall,” he said. “I just saw notice that came across today from [President Wendy] Wintersteen that we removed the mask restrictions on campus, and we are back to 100 percent capacity for any events that we are doing on campus.” 

This event came just after Wintersteen had released the update that campus would begin its return to normalcy. Pollard continued to demonstrate his excitement by making one final remark.

“Based on ticket sales, I think we are going to have more than 100 percent capacity. We’re going to find out how many people we can fit on those new grass hills,” he said. 

Many fans are experiencing the same feeling as Pollard. Cyclone Nation is ready to do their part in the stands during the coming season.