Lady Bears dominated Cyclone softball in final game of series

Sophomore Carli Spelhaug leading off of first base after being hit with a pitch in Iowa State’s second game against Baylor.

Ellie Bousson

The Iowa State softball team took on Baylor in the final game of the series at the Cyclone Sports Complex on Sunday at Noon. 

The Cyclones and the Lady Bears split the first two games played on Friday and Saturday, with both teams in position to be victorious in the last battle. 

With the Lady Bears in a substantial lead, the Cyclones were unable to fight their way out of the hole they created against Baylor. Iowa State lost 4-1, putting their overall record at 25-18 for the season.

Freshman Saya Swain was relentless on the mound to open up in the first inning, with assistance from her teammates, they wrapped up the first inning with the Lady Bears swinging.

Iowa State allowed Baylor’s offense to take control in the top of the fifth inning, with Swain still battling the fierce hitters, the Lady Bears had bases loaded twice throughout the inning. Baylor brought in three players across home plate, advancing their lead to 4-0. 

When the Cyclones had the opportunity to change the pace of the game in the bottom of the fifth, they were unable to execute. 

There was not much action from either team offensively after Baylor racked up three runs in the fifth. Iowa State was able to hold the Lady Bears to no runs, with just one hit in the sixth inning. 

The Cyclones only had one more opportunity to put some points on the board in the top of the seventh. With a solid line drive against the foul line from Alesia Ranches, she was able to get on base and make her way around to third base after plays were made by her teammates. 

With Abby Gunter up to bat, Ranches was able to hustle her way through home plate after an error was made by Baylor’s catcher. This was the only run that the Cyclones secured in the final game against Baylor. 

The Cyclones continue their season on Tuesday in Ames where they take on the Kangaroos of the University of Missouri-Kansas City.