The 2021 Fashion Show presents its closing night

A student models “Angel Shades,” designed by Paulina Hernandez.

Sydney Novak

The second showing of the Iowa State Fashion Show took place at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at Reiman Gardens. The first show was Friday evening.

The show was hosted differently this year to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with certain precautions taken. Tickets were not sold to the general public, and the event took place outside instead of in Stephens Auditorium. All models and guests wore masks during the show.

“Last night, I was really nervous, but after my first walk, it was really just a breeze,” said Jalissa Peiffer, sophomore in industrial design. “It went by so fast, [the] next thing I knew it was already the 15-minute break.”

Peiffer wore five different outfits, including a garment for designer Lexi Stumpf. 

The show started with students modeling designs submitted by student designers this year, followed by designs that were submitted for the 2020 Fashion Show that was moved online due to COVID-19. Guest designers Gretchen Dohling Design, NIGHT DIVE SWIM and Wanderlust were also featured on the runway.

“It was really cool, I’ve never been to a fashion show, so it was different, but I loved seeing things that students have created,” said Zoe Dorr, a freshman in music.

This year’s theme of the show, Metamorphosis, felt fitting for a show taking place “post-pandemic.”

In addition to the live show, the show was available to stream on YouTube at 7:00 p.m. each night for online viewers at home. Students were also invited to live viewing parties that were hosted at LeBaron Hall and McKay Hall as well as the College of Design. 

The submissions are ranked and scored based on the following categories: formalwear, loungewear/sleepwear, sustainability, sportswear, graduate submissions, day dresses, digital printing, costume, athleisure and art to wear. A “best in show” is also recognized, this year being Eventide by Jasmine Ambrosio.

Looking ahead to next year, the 2022 Fashion Show is set for April 9. To stream the show on YouTube or view the different designers collections, visit the Fashion Show website for more information.