Women’s golf stays in last place after day two of the Big 12 Championships


Liyana Durisic watches as her shot approaches the green April 5 at the Cyclone Sports Complex.

Jake Tubbs

Day two of the Big 12 Women’s Golf Championships came to an end Monday, but the Iowa State women’s golf team remained in the same spot.

The team was still tied for last in eighth place with a +15 team score. 

Much of Iowa State’s round one struggles translated into round two. The Cyclones still ranked in the bottom two in the tournament in par threes, par fours and par fives as well as also still tied for last with Kansas in made birdies at 22. 

On the other hand, the Cyclones are tied for second in the tournament for made pars at 116. 

In the second round, the team was led by Liyana Durisic and Taglao Jeeravivitaporn.

Jeeravivitaporn had the best performance of the day, as she finished on par for the round and now sits tied for 29th at +4. Durisic leads the team in overall score at +3 and is tied for 22nd. 

Durisic is also now the lead in the amount of pars sunk at 16. 

With sixth-place Kansas State 14 strokes behind fifth-place Texas, which is at -7, it is easy to see the two halves of the tournament.

The Cyclones will have to play an outlier round Tuesday if they want to get out of the eighth spot. 

The final round will start at 8 a.m. Tuesday with the Cyclones teeing off at 10 a.m.