Cyclone wrestling ready for Big 12 dual match-ups

Iowa State wrestling assistant coach Brent Metcalf coaches in Iowa State wrestling’s dual against Oklahoma State on Jan. 31.( Photo courtesy of LUKE LU/Iowa State Athletics)

Ellie Bousson

Iowa State wrestling (5-2, 1-1 Big 12) will travel to Fargo, North Dakota, where it will compete in two dual matches against North Dakota State and South Dakota State.

Iowa State will compete against the North Dakota Bisons at 1 p.m.and then continue at 3 p.m. against the South Dakota Jackrabbits. The Cyclones walked away from a close loss to Oklahoma State 16-15 and two big wins from Iowa Central 50-0 and Lindenwood 28-9 on Jan. 30 and are ready for more Big 12 action.

Iowa State assistant coach Brent Metcalf shared his thoughts on the performance on many Cyclones, including freshman Kysen Terukina, at 125, who took a loss against Oklahoma State 6-4. 

“The minute that we can get every bit of his potential out there, I think it’s going to be really fun and exciting to watch,” Metcalf said. 

Cyclone sophomore David Carr took down Cowboys’ wrestler Wyatt Sheets 6-4, who basically wrestled from his knees the whole match, making the match slower than Carr is used to. 

“Once you start getting a one, two or three in front of your name (ranking), naturally guys are not going to want to wrestle you.” Metcalf said. 

Although Carr saw accomplishments, Metcalf stressed that after Carr’s match, he emphasized that a wrestler can not try to control their opponent. 

“It is not on you to decide how that guy wrestles, you come and bring your pace and you bring who you are and you see how long that guy can stand the fire.” Metcalf said. 

Carr figured out how to get the job done regardless of the situation on the mat. 

“It can be annoying at times, but at the end of the day I gotta find a way to score. It’s not my job to play referee and call that guy for stalling, it’s just my job to got out there and score, have fun and try my best,” Carr said. 

The Cyclones have been without a few wrestler’s who have achieved great success in the past seasons. Due to injuries, Redshirt seniors Sam Colbray (184) and Jarrett Degen (149) have not yet wrestled this season. 

Last week we did see Colbray warming up but did not wrestle. 

“I think we have a pretty good progression for them, we got a couple days to get through here and I’m hoping to see them on the mat very soon.” Metcalf said.