Up your Instagram game with these five products and apps


Make your Instagram feed more engaging with these five products or apps.

Nicole Mattson

If you love Instagram and want to improve the quality of the photos you post and share, these are some places to start. Keep the aesthetic of your account in mind and what kind of pictures you want in your feed.

  1. Fisheye, macro and wide lenses

These are available on Amazon for around $20 and they can give a new feel and perspective to your photos. The lenses can be clipped right onto your phone’s lens to transport your photos. Using changeable lenses can also give your photos a more professional look, as if they were captured on a real camera. These are a good investment if photography is the focus of your account.

  1. Dispo

Dispo is a free app that allows you to take photos on your phone that look like they are from a disposable camera. The app also does not let you see the photo until 9 a.m. the next day, which recreates the beauty of a disposable camera: you won’t sit around retaking photos, you’ll just take the photo and then put your phone down to return to what you were doing. It also creates a fun surprise for the next day! Dispo is available on iOS and Android. This is also a more sustainable and cheaper option than buying an actual disposable camera. 

  1. Optical Glass Triangular Prism

This can be found on Amazon for $13. This allows you to add light and reflections to your photos that you couldn’t do before. This is a great way to add something different and impressive to your Instagram feed, especially if you like to add color to your photos. It will do so and look really natural and not so filtered. 

  1. VSCO

If you’re not already editing your photos, VSCO is a great place to start. It is free and user friendly, with in-app purchases available. VSCO is also its own social media platform that allows you to share photos and follow accounts. VSCO is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Samsung Galaxy Store

  1. Ring Light

For $32 on Amazon, you can be using the same lighting setup as many influencers and beauty gurus. The light also has a tripod stand attached to it to hold up your phone for photos. The light has three different light modes and a remote to take photos while your phone is set up on the tripod.This can be especially useful for someone who likes posting photos of their outfits or make up but doesn’t always have the right lighting or someone to take the photo for them. Using a tripod can make photos look a lot neater than just taking a mirror selfie.