International Night concluded international week with song, dance, food



Maribel Barrera

International Week at Iowa State ended with a finale of color, dance, song and food Friday night.

International Night, hosted by the International Student Council (ISC), was held in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. It attracted families and students alike to witness the array of events displaying the diverse cultures represented at Iowa State.

The night included various performances from international student organizations, including the ISC Kpop dance club, Russian Club and the Bhangra Dance Club, among others.

Various games were played to test the audience’s knowledge of the cultures being showcased, including Who Wants to Be a Winner, in which select audience members were chosen to take the stage and answer trivia questions to win prizes.

A more inclusive, audience-wide game of Kahoot took place during the event, asking similar trivia questions related to international customs, symbols and words.

Students also donated clothing from their respective countries to showcase during the international fashion show. Represented countries included Indonesia, Malaysia, Somalia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Hmong, Jordan and Russia.

Attendees got a taste of different cultures from the complimentary dinner, which included Thai Drunken Noodles, Egyptian Koshari, chickpea salad and fried onions.

The event was the culmination of events that took place throughout International Week, which included a world cuisine fair, an international dance night, an international game night and a bazaar night. All of these events allowed the international students at Iowa State to bring their diverse cultures to campus in a number of ways.