Fannon and the Cyclones looking to rebound after loss to Arizona


Jacob Rice/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State soccer players huddle together during the Cyclones’ 3-0 win over Grand View on April 14 at the Cyclone Sports Complex.

Entering the second match of the season, the Cyclones are mostly aiming to stay true to their game. They have shown grit throughout the last match by giving a consistent fight until the end.

The Cyclones fell to the Arizona Wildcats 2-1 last week. Jasmine Colbert and Mira Emma made quite the pair to score that goal in the 46th minute, but the Wildcats had a strong grip in the offensive which took them to the lead towards the end in the second half.

Going into the Memphis match, Fannon’s vision is to continue being themselves in the field because that’s when their best game comes to show. Senior Mira Emma mentioned the team has high beliefs in themselves this year.

“I know the team is in good spirits and ready to get after it again. Whatever happened last week is in the past, and we’ve moved on,” Emma said. “Something to take into account is that we are a very good soccer team, probably the best team we’ve had in a long time.”

Whilst Memphis contains steady above average statistics, the Cyclones are aiming for success. Memphis stands at 1-1 going against the Cyclones on Thursday. Memphis took a 6-1 win over Little Rock before losing 3-0 to No. 18 Ole Miss.

Senior Jasmine Colbert, Emma and Leia Khairy are strong scorers for the Cyclones awaiting a good offense from Memphis’ Lilly Huber, Jocelyn Alonzo and Mya Jones.

“Knowing who we are, we are going to get stuff done,” Emma said. “So going into Memphis we’re just going to play the way we play, stick to the game plan, and we will be successful.”

The match will be streamed at 7 p.m. on ESPN+ as the Cyclones travel to Memphis, Tennessee, for their second of five road battles to start the season.