The Fashion Show makes ‘Resurgence’ to highlight student work


Models present their looks in The Fashion Show finale. 

Taylor Maerz

After two years of abnormality, the 40th annual The Fashion Show (TFS) returned to Stephens Auditorium Saturday stronger than ever.

The Fashion Show: ‘Resurgence’ came back with original and innovative designs produced by Iowa State Students.

Being one of the largest student-run fashion shows in the country, TFS is unlike any other organization on campus. It drew in a crowd of over 2,000 attendees this year.

“[The Fashion Show] is a huge student organization,” Catie Abbott, a sophomore in apparel merchandising and treasurer for The Fashion Show, said. “It’s all student-run. We all work together, and we all talk all day, every day.”

It truly does take a village to bring The Fashion Show to life.

Jacqueline Underhill, a junior in apparel merchandising and the public relations and marketing director for TFS, explained that hundreds of students go into the making of this show.

“I feel like it is a lot more hands-on than a lot of other organizations, and it’s a lot wider amount of people that are in the organization,” Underhill said. “There’s the committees, the directors and the producers, so many people to get just this one event happening. It’s just huge.”

And huge it is, as producers Carly Haaning, Lauren Johnson, Hannah Iverson-Jones and Emily DeDoncker achieved welcoming Urban Outfitters as the 2022 Guest Designer for TFS.

Urban Outfitters representatives came to Iowa State’s campus to interact with students interested in the fashion industry by teaching workshops, interacting with prospective high school students at Behind the Scenes Day and holding a resume and portfolio review session.

Urban Outfitters also dazzled the audience with their interactive and upbeat Spring/Summer 2022 upcoming collection. The sneak peek was composed of lively and loud colors that glowed on the runway, and the models’ mannerisms fit the funky and youthful designs.

Each model in the fashion show is an Iowa State student who has gone through training and practice learning how to work the runway. The models put in many hours to pull off this spectacular show.

“We’ve been practicing since late January, so it’s been a very nice and steady process of getting us ready for our big show day,” Dany Gutierrez, a model walking in the show and a sophomore in graphic design and event management, said.

Successful modeling helps bring to life the designs of students who submit their garments to be presented in the show.

“Nobody has designs like us because it is all original design,” Hannah Ryan, a model and a senior studying English education, said. “It is all something based off of student experience, and it all feeds into how unique the show is.”

Each garment strut down the runway caught the eyes of the audience. The Fashion Show: ‘Resurgence’ had a remarkable mix of pieces from ball gowns and wearable art to streetwear and jumpsuits.

Here are some of the notable trends from the show:

Textured Gowns

Victorian-esque ball gowns were show starters for both the first and second half of the show. Designed with the whole get-up, bustle and hoop skirt in all, each dress was finished with varying textures.

Lace, sequins and pearls shimmered in the light down the runway, and the lustrous silk fabrics gleamed the whole way back.

Draping Capes

Seen in many collections and individual pieces, capes were carefully pinned to the backs of garments.

Hardly seen until the model made their way back down the runway, the capes left a lasting impression and surprised the audience.

Intense Colors

Unlike the muted colors from last year’s show at Reiman Gardens, TFS: ‘Resurgence’ presented garments with radiant, flashy colors to the audience. Designs were elevated beyond just structure with touches of intense colors like flamingo pink and aquatic blue.

The collection, Positive Energy, designed by Jessie Stindt, a senior in apparel design, encapsulated all of these trends perfectly. Gradient pink, teal, lavender and clementine mini dresses were draped and ruched with a tulle accent.

The models each wore vibrant tights that matched the end gradient color of their dress and matching colored platform heels. This collection closed The Fashion Show and was awarded the Lora and Russ Talbot ISU Fashion Show Best in Show Scholarship.