Candidates Rob Sand, Tim Gannon are coming to Ames


Taylor Hagie/Iowa State Daily

In the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture debate, Democratic candidate, Tim Gannon speaks his beliefs on agriculture. Gannon believes in defending farm income, strengthening the RFS, creating new value-added products and protecting Iowa’s soil and water. The debate took place in the Memorial Union on Oct. 3.

Talon Delaney

Story County Democrats are hosting a volunteer appreciation event with multiple state candidates and the governor of Montana at their Ames office Friday evening.

Tim Gannon, the Democratic candidate for secretary of state, and Rob Sand, the Democratic candidate for state auditor will be joined by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock in thanking local volunteers for all the work they’ve done on elections this year.

“Volunteers will be out all day canvassing and handing out packets,” said Jan Bauer, the Story County Democrats party chair. “When they come back to the office we’re all going to acknowledge the work people are doing in these small town ticket races.”

The event begin begin at 6 p.m. Friday night and all are welcome. Bauer said it will be a great opportunity to meet the candidates. It’s a meet-and-greet style gathering and refreshments will be served. The office is located at 104 Kellogg Ave.

Sand previously worked at the Iowa Attorney General’s office, where he helped close a case regarding Eddie Tipton, who facilitated a multi-million dollar lottery scandal.

“[Sand] is an amazing watchdog and he’d make a great auditor,” Bauer said, citing the case. “That’s a role the current state auditor hasn’t been filling.”

Bauer also praised Gannon for being the only farmer to run for secretary of agriculture this year.

“[Gannon] understands things like natural resources and how to use them appropriately,” Bauer said.

She also said Gov. Bullock could be a Democratic contender for the 2020 presidential race.

“Gov. Bullock is an amazing individual,” Bauer said. “He’s done a lot for Montana that can be duplicated across the country.”