Cyclone soccer pushing for first win against No. 24 Michigan


DJ Jacobi

Iowa State soccer meets in a huddle against Kansas State. Iowa State lost the match 2-0.

Iowa State soccer has struggled coming out of the gates this season, scoring just one goal in three outings, and things are not going to get easier.

The Cyclones are now set to face off against No. 24 Michigan while eyeing their first win of the season.

According to head coach Matt Fannon, the match against Memphis last week was the best soccer they have seen so far this season. However, Thursday’s contest was not what they expected.

With a couple of injuries during the weekend, the team finds itself in an adjustment process, but there are no outstanding concerns moving forward with their match against the Michigan Wolverines.

The process of building a team may be uphill, but the key ingredient to a solid foundation is trust and consistency.

“When you do something for 10,000 hours, now you’ve become an expert, but right now we have individuals that have been playing at this level for about 3 weeks,” Fannon said. “It takes time and consistent effort to get people comfortable with the game.”

Going into the match against Michigan, the key is going to be maintaining a strong attitude and putting forward the most effort. The Wolverines have momentum as they stand at 3-1 while the

Cyclones stand at 0-2-1. Nonetheless, the Cyclones will continue looking to put their best game on the field, and that attitude is a factor that cannot be taken for granted.

Right after Michigan, the Cyclones will take their travels to Kentucky to face the Wildcats.

The Michigan match will be streamed on B1G+ at 6 p.m. as the Cyclones make their way to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Then the Sunday match will be streamed on ESPN+ at noon as the Cyclones take on the Kentucky Wildcats.