DIY Halloween costumes for college students


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Halloween Costumes

Julia Meehan

Spooktober is in full swing and the hunt for the best Halloween costumes has begun. The holiday is no longer a night event — it is an entire halloweekend.

As Halloween approaches, some students are prepared with multiple costumes, while others scramble in their closet the day of. Overpriced costumes are out of the question for many college students. If you’re stuck, keep calm and let these DIY costume ideas spark some inspiration.

“I am ready for halloweekend with numerous ideas already in my mind such as, a hippie, a vampire and a devil,” said Erin McGrath, a freshman in pre-interior design. “My sole influence is Pinterest and I suggest to everyone to not knock [it] until you try it.”

Additionally, some couples are preparing to bust out their best looks. There are many ways to win the best couple costume for the night. 

If you’re a diehard sports fan, you could try creating a similar look from the classic movie “Sandlot,” Wendy Peffercorn and Squints.

If you like Gossip Girl, consider going as Chuck and Blair this Halloween. Another TV show couple is Jim and Pam, from the Office.

Another costume to be considered is Jackie and JFK. If you’re feeling a tad rebellious, Tarantino’s famous Pulp Fiction characters, Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega will do the job.

For couples looking for a scary costume, you can reenact the Purge with dressing formal and wearing creepy masks. You can also try dressing in all black and throwing on some skeleton, possibly zombie makeup or bloody scars.

If you’re hoping for a light-hearted costume, consider being a salt shaker and pepper shaker. 

If that is not your vibe, the typical Barbie and Ken are the costumes for you. Who doesn’t love rocking leg warmers and an ascot?

“Luckily my boyfriend has everything he needs to be a lifeguard, the swim trunks and a lifeguard tee,” said Maggi Braun, a freshman in engineering. “I plan to get a red one-piece and throw on a pair of red gym shorts, which I already own, to finish the look.”

Several college students plan to spend their halloweekend with friends. Read on to find costume ideas for you and your friends.

Spice Girls is a squad many people have wanted to be a part of. There’s a Spice Girl to fit anyone’s personality, for example: Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Ginger Spice and Posh Spice.

If you’ve always wanted to go as a cheerleader, what’s better than doing it with your girls and recreating East Compton Clovers from Bring It On.

For all the dudes out there, grab your guys and recreate the T-Birds with some sleek hair, denim jeans and a leather jacket. Even better, get out your baseball gloves and ball caps to look sportier than ever as the Sandlot crew.

For the guys out there without ladies, here’s your time to look spiffier than ever and go as the 2018 Bachelorette candidates. We all enjoy spending our Saturdays in detention so why not snatch a bad boy, a snobby, rich girl, a total nerd, a typical jock and a weirdo for this year’s Halloween as Breakfast Club.

“My buddy has a Jackie Moon jersey from Semi-Pro, which I’m going to borrow for my costume,” said Max Muehring, a freshman in pre-business. “I would need to get a wig and some short shorts, I doubt I will do it but I’m going to look into it.”

Holler at your buddy because these DIY Halloween ideas scream best friends forever.

For your pal and you, Ferris Bueller and Cameron are a well-known friendship who bicker but love each other till the end. On top of them, Napoleon Dynamite and Kip will make everyone in the room laugh hysterically. Ready to travel back in time, Wayne’s World, Wayne and Garth are the greatest friends to dress grunge and tattered for Halloween. Who doesn’t have a dog as best friend? This halloweekend recreate Shaggy and Scooby-Doo’s unforgettable friendship before its ruh-roh too late.

“I was thinking for Halloween I would go as the Spooky Scary Skeleton from the dance remix,” said Van Whitaker, a freshman in industrial engineering. “All I would need is a pumpkin mask and wear all black clothing. Sounds pretty quick and easy for me.”

Another costume for you and your bestie would be the Princess Diaries best friends, Mia and Lilly. Who doesn’t want a BFF who is princess of Genovia? It might all be a total fantasy, but we can dream about the life for a night. The essentials to complete the costume are the basic private school uniform: plaid skirts, button-up shirts, knee-high socks, and a tie. For Mia, somebody must rock the mane and glasses while the other dressed as Lilly, wears a half-up, half-down hair do.

People may start to hate on you but reenacting the controversial blue and black or white and gold dress might go down as the most creative costume. It is pretty simple to make, grab a blue and white dress and glue black and gold lace strips to the dresses.

If you prefer to wear a solo Halloween costume this year, here are some ideas. 

If you’re a man with a beard, a lumberjack costume may work for you. Find a flannel, throw on some jeans and put on your working boots because you’re ready to chop some wood.

If some of you wish to be the next Tom Cruise here is your time to shine. You might have to invest in a flight suit to recreate Top Gun.There is a DIY option, which entails: an army green jacket, a white tank top, jeans and a pair of aviators. 

“Previous years, I have created my own costumes such as, Winnie the Pooh and Mike Wazowski. This Halloween I am dressing as a piñata; it’ll be more time consuming but I’m up for the challenge,” said Grace Pollack, a sophomore in pre-interior design. “I’m buying a plain tube top and a bodycon style skirt. Then I’m going to hot glue party streamers onto the pieces to completely cover them. Then I will make the horns by cutting cones out of card stock, covering them with streamers as well and hot gluing them onto a headband.”

For all the blondes out there, grab yourself a briefcase, everything imaginable that’s pink, and your chihuahua named Bruiser. Hello, dress as Elle Woods who has it all in Legally Blonde this Halloween. Feeling malicious this season, recreate Cruella de Vil. To create this costume, you may have to change your hair color for the night with black and white spray-in hair color. You will need to wear a black slip dress, a faux fur coat, preferably white, a black handbag, red opera length gloves, red pumps and finished with red lipstick. Halloween brings out the creepy, frightening costumes. Whoever said dolls are adorable? This Halloween switch it up and dress as a dead doll. Everyone enjoys binge-watching Stranger Things so why not go as Eleven for Halloween. Even better all night you can carry and eat Eggo waffles around.

Trick or Treat yo’ self this Halloween with the endless DIY costume ideas. These do-it-yourself costumes can be created from your closet which makes it cheap and affordable for anyone on campus.

Creep it real this halloweekend either with your witches, ghouls, or boos. For more inspiration on Halloween costumes, check out Pinterest or Google.