Three Big Takeaways: CyHawk series win


Owen Aanestad

Iowa State soccer players hug on another after beating Iowa on Sept. 8

Iowa State soccer has had a rollercoaster with all the games they’ve encountered on the road in the past few weeks. The previous two games were even more intense as the Cyclones gained their first victory of the season against Michigan, followed by a loss against Kentucky.

Finally, the Cyclones were back home in Ames to take on the Hawkeyes in the annual CyHawk series. It was a remarkable game as the magic of the home field fueled the Cyclones to their second victory of the season against the Hawkeyes with a final score of    2-1.

Action time

The Cyclones began the match with a tight grip, holding the pressure against the Hawkeyes. With an impressive advantage, Jada Colbert scored the first goal for the Cyclones at the 12:18 mark of the first half of the game.

Not too long after, the Cyclones scored their second goal during a tight fight close to the net. Eva Steckelberg assisted Jada Colbert with the goal at the 23:10 mark.

During the first half, the Cyclones kept a strong pace and an aggressive defense. They showed unison as they dominated the field from every angle.

Time in their favor

Opening the second half of the game, Iowa State continued with a strong approach to the ball. As the Hawkeyes made their way through the Cyclones’ defense, goalie Jordan Silkowitz had a sharp eye for every shot to the goal.

As the game progressed, the Hawkeyes began amping up the pressure as they remained scoreless. Nonetheless, the Cyclones kept their composure while playing a smart game, keeping the Hawkeyes on their toes.

After a handball in the box, the Hawkeyes landed a free throw ending in a goal. However, time favored the Cyclones to secure their victory. With that, the CyHawk series match goes to the Cyclones.

More to come

Iowa State now stands at 2-3-1 after securing its second victory of the season. There is more to come for the team as they grow comfortable with the game.

The Cyclones will have their second home game Sunday afternoon as they face South Dakota at 1 p.m.