Cyclone soccer schemes to stop Omaha’s ball dominance


Owen Aanestad

Goalkeeper Jordan Silkowitz during Iowa State’s 2-1 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sept. 8.

The Cyclones are on a streak of confidence as they build up the ideal game and work towards the right peak time. With this being the last game before conference play begins, Iowa State faces Omaha in the third home match of the season. 

Omaha is known for being a team that plays with a greater sense of aggressiveness but it is exactly the kind of opponent the Cyclones need to continue amplifying their skills on the field. 

Omaha stands at a 1-4-2 while Iowa State has an overall record of 2-3-2. While that difference may seem intimidating, it only provides the Cyclones with a challenge to further prove what their game is all about. 

“Being a team that over the years hasn’t been great, feeling like we’re a team that finally is getting things right and playing the kind of soccer that can succeed in the Big 12 makes Thursday the perfect opportunity for us to hone in on that,” head coach Matt Fannon said. 

While the pressure of going into conference matchups is approaching, the focus remains solely on the match against Omaha. 

According to senior Jordan Silkowitz, winner of the Big 12 goalkeeper of the week, the team’s only goal is to lean on one another to push through the pressure and gain dominance over the ball.

“They are a team that wants to play their version of soccer, they’re going to put us under pressure; it is going to be a good battle and they will try to move the ball,” Fannon said. “They are a good team that’s got quality enough that if we’re not in our game, they’ll have the ability to beat us.”

However, knowing all these factors from the Mavericks should allow the Cyclones to be ahead of the game, and the pressure will come as no surprise.

This upcoming match will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday in Ames. The match will be streamed on ESPN+.