Three Big Takeaways: Soccer’s final match before Big 12 play


Jacob Rice

Cyclone soccer players celebrate after beating Iowa on Sept. 8

Iowa State soccer is grasping the last beats of non-conference matches before heading into Big 12 competition, set to begin next week. The Cyclones gave Omaha a strong battle as they came out on top with a 4-1 finish.

Show time

The Cyclones started off the game with immediate contact and dominance over the ball. This advantage over the Mavericks allowed the Cyclones to keep up the rapid pace that the Mavericks brought to the field.

During the four-minute mark, the Mavericks made their first attempt towards the net, demonstrating their ability to drive a fast game and aggressive offense. Moreover, the Mavericks delivered the pressure as Grace Ostergaard shot the first goal for the Mavericks at the 6:18 mark of the first half of the game.

As the rest of the first half unfolded, the Cyclones continued to make their way through the Mavericks’ offense and were able to land plays closer to the net. Iowa State head coach Matt Fannon said to have a consistent advantage over Omaha, the Cyclones needed to be on their top game, physically and mentally.

The Cyclones carried depth within the game as Mira Emma dominated the ball across the field, and the Colbert sisters attacked the ball to make consistent efforts towards the net.

With eyes on the prize, Lauren Hernandez evened out the game at the 26:16 mark as she scored the first goal of the night for the Cyclones and the first goal of her career.

Going the distance

Challenging the pressure against Omaha, Salomé Prat scored the second goal of the night at the 47:23 mark during the second half of the game.

Being able to progressively unfold their best game is the Cyclones’ best attribute. Playing a fast-paced game and being able to break through the Mavericks’ pressure brought the Cyclones to victory.

Truly sticking to their sense of urgency, Jasmine Colbert scored the third goal of the night for the Cyclones at the 65:21 mark of the second half of the game.

Without letting go of the grit, Lauren Hernandez assisted Leia Khairy to score the fourth and last goal of the night in the 88th minute of the game, also being Khairy’s first career goal.

Victory for the Cyclones

The Cyclones had a period of adjustment during the first half of the game, as the pace of the game moved quicker than anticipated. But it was only a matter of time until it was time for the Cyclones to secure the field and dominate the game.

Concluding the match at 4-1, the Cyclones head on to conference matches playing the kind of soccer needed to take on the task. The team now has a 3-3-2 record.

Next, at 6 p.m. Sept. 22, the Cyclones will face Kansas State in the first conference match in Ames.