Iowa State aims for first conference victory against Kansas State


Jacob Rice

Cyclone teammates gather in a huddle during their game against Omaha on Sept. 15

Coming from a big win in the last non-conference match against Omaha, the Cyclones are moving on to conference matches. During the non-conference matches, the Cyclones were able to test their abilities from every angle and make the necessary adjustments to gear up for the rest of the season.

Entering conference matches, the Cyclones are conditioned to notice the pressure of the game from the moment they step into the field. Aside from having strong teams within the conference, the end goal for everyone is to make it to the tournament.

“At the end of the day, as soon as the whistle blows, everyone knows that the pressure is on, especially in that first conference game,” head coach Matt Fannon said.

Going up against Kansas State, the Cyclones are expecting a well-rounded team that in the last couple of years had star individuals that led the Wildcats to victory. Currently, Kansas State has been able to apply that game plan from certain individuals and extend it to the rest of the team, making them an aggressive and consistent team.

“They are a team that has really good quality and is really good at attacking the game, so if we are not on top of our game, they have a chance to punish us,” Fannon said.

Moreover, the Cyclones have a level of expectancy that leads them to believe they have a window toward victory. Throughout this season, they have demonstrated grit and passion as they elevated their game with every match.

The overall message from the Cyclones continues to be maintaining what they have built up. This includes being able to control the controllable and continuing that throughout the course of the season. The key to the game stands at consistency and desire.

With that being said, the first conference match of the season will be at 6 p.m. Thursday in Ames. The Cyclones will take on the Kansas State Wildcats, and the game will be streamed on ESPN+.