Three Big Takeaways: First conference game ends in draw for Cyclone soccer


Tyler Coe

Cyclone Magdalena Keck kicks the ball in conference opener against Kansas State on Sept. 22

Conference season is officially here, and the Cyclones opened their first conference match against the Kansas State Wildcats Thursday night. Head coach Matt Fannon said conference games are special because it becomes a stretch of pressure for everyone participating.

Every team is capable of a win, but the key to victory will stand with whoever is able to make the biggest effort.

Moreover, the first conference match between Iowa State and Kansas State ended up in a draw, 0-0.

Breaking the ice

As the game began, both teams remained in the middle of the field as both teams kept each other from approaching the box. Quickly after, the Cyclones began making their way to the in-line as they demonstrated speed and confidence as the first half unfolded.

Redshirt sophomore Kenady Adams suffered an injury at the 15:51 mark, increasing the pressure for the Cyclones to capitalize the rest of the game and make up for Adams being out.

Meanwhile, the Wildcats continued attempts at forcing mistakes on the Cyclones, but individuals like Jordan Silkowitz, Mira Emma and Jada Colbert were able to flip the dime and create space to their advantage.

With many goal opportunities for both teams in the first half, the score remained 0-0. Kansas State tested Silkowitz, the Cyclones’ goalkeeper, as they got comfortable making shots to the net. However, Silkowitz stood her ground with sharp saves.

Racing the ball

Throughout the second half, the Cyclones felt the loss of Adams, specifically in the back line, as the Wildcats continued to make their way through the Cyclone defense and threatened the net with striking shots.

Silkowitz had a busy night with 10 saves. Not only did she bring security to the game, but she was able to read the attacks in advance to keep her team on top.

As the last minutes of the game approached, the Cyclones did well at keeping their composure and continued to make smart plays with scoring intent.

No time to settle

Even though the match ended 0-0, the Cyclones were able to benefit from depth and drive. Their game and strong defense Thursday night serve as a message for the rest of the league moving forward within conference matches. It was a strong icebreaker for what is to come.

The Cyclones have the ability to adjust and make the necessary corrections to continue moving the ball towards the back of the net.

Next, No. 25 Iowa State will face West Virginia back in Ames. The game is set to begin at 1 p.m. Sunday and can be streamed live on ESPN+.