Three Big Takeaways: Cyclone soccer no match for West Virginia


Joseph Dicklin

Cyclone soccer in match against Kansas State on Sept. 25.

Andrea Maldonado, Sports Reporter

After a well-fought 0-0 draw against Kansas State, the Cyclones took on the West Virginia Mountaineers in the second conference match in Ames. The Mountaineers were able to come out on top with a 2-0 score.

West Virginia and Iowa State both have a tendency to dominate the ball and take control of the field so this match showed good action from both teams.

Windy weather

In the first few steps of the match, the Cyclones did a good job at shielding the box with Hanna Reid in the lead, followed by Jordan Silkowitz showing some sharp saves as the Mountaineers shot through Cyclone defense.

There were no major concerns as the first half unfolded since both teams did a fine job at playing under pressure. The Cyclones did a good job at dominating the ball, but the Mountaineers began getting comfortable with shooting, giving Silkowitz a test for her saving skills.

According to the position in which the Cyclones started the game, the wind was not in their favor. Therefore, the Mountaineers used this to their advantage and made the ball flow quicker through Cyclone offense. 

The wind is not an unknown factor to the Cyclones, but it definitely brought a higher challenge to move the ball in their advantage.

Jada Colbert brought in the heat as she was able to outrun the Mountaineers’ defense and approach the net with confidence to shoot. The Cyclones continued opening up opportunities to shoot but did not quite see the back of the net.

The next battle took place at the Cyclones’ box but all the way through the end of the first half, the match remained tied at 0-0.

Pressure on the target

Athletes like Mira Emma, Jada and Jasmine Colbert played key roles within the second half of the game as they are able to drive the ball across the field with a higher level of speed and determination. 

The Colbert sisters are known for their aggressiveness to the ball as they are able to attack and dominate the opponent’s defense landing good opportunities for the Cyclones in the box.

In addition, Salomé Prat is the type of athlete that makes things happen. During the second half, Prat was able to intercept the ball several times from the Mountaineers’ offense and drive it out of their reach. The ultimate challenge for the Cyclones was breaking the draw.

However, the Mountaineers took the lead as they scored their first goal of the match. At the 65:00 minute mark, Lauren Segalla shot for the net, slipping through Silkowitz’s hands and to the back of the net. 

This advantage forced some pressure onto the Cyclones to outmatch the Mountaineers, but at the 72:17 mark, Segalla scored again.

Time to keep moving

As the game came to the final minutes, the Cyclones threatened the net several times but did not manage to score. However, there’s no time to ponder on mistakes. This match will allow the Cyclones to make improvements in order to move forward in the conference series.

Up next, at 7 p.m. on Sept. 29, the Cyclones will travel to Norman, Oklahoma, to face the Sooners.