Cyclone soccer returning key players for matchup with Sooners


Joseph Dicklin

Chloe Broughton pushes the ball down the field against West Virginia on Sept. 25.

The Cyclones will take the game on the road once again, this time to Norman, Oklahoma, to face the Sooners. 

According to head coach Matt Fannon, there aren’t many adjustments to be made to their game as the Cyclones endured a 0-0 draw and a loss over the past weekend. Instead, the Cyclones continue to work on consistency and building the ideal game. 

During the season, there have been some injuries that have faulted the game in general. However, individuals like Kenady Adams and Maddie Brant will be back on the field to assist the team in the upcoming games. 

For some reference, Adams had a mishap during the match against Kansas State. Adams is fortunate enough to not have suffered a season-ending injury. On the other hand, Brant suffered an injury that kept her from playing in the entirety of the season, but she’s back on her feet and ready for some action. 

Coach Fannon mentioned that having veterans back on the field will elevate the game and provide the team with more confidence for the rest of conference play. 

Moreover, the Colbert sisters become more and more essential to the game as they are able to drive an aggressive offense and create big opportunities for the Cyclones. Together they have been able to put themselves in a strategic position within the game and show some personal skills. 

All these qualities become relevant when facing a team like Oklahoma that, similarly enough, is in the building process as well. The Sooners don’t lack quality and depth, but if the Cyclones maintain a strong defense and play an aggressive offense, the expectation is victory. 

While being at home was fun and comforting, the Cyclones are looking forward to being on the road again, as half of their regular season was composed of away games. The consistent emphasis from the Cyclones is to stay on top of the game and play the best soccer they can every time they step into the field. 

With this, at 7 p.m. Thursday, the Cyclones will take their travels to Norman, Oklahoma, to challenge the Sooners.