Three Big Takeaways: Texas Tech defense gives Iowa State another conference loss


Joseph Dicklin

Iowa State faces West Virginia on Sept. 25

Iowa State seemed to have difficulty landing their first victory within conference matches. Coming into the match against Texas Tech, the Cyclones were aiming for victory but did not get there, as the match ended 3-0 in favor of the Red Raiders.

Pushing through an aggressive defense

Iowa State opened the match a little conservative with a handball that allowed Texas Tech to threaten the game early on. After the Red Raiders gained a free kick, Elise Anderson aimed for the net and made sure to give Jordan Silkowitz a little test. The shot was saved, but this free kick showed the Cyclones that once the Red Raiders got in range to shoot, they would do everything but hold back.

Later on, Jasmine Colbert held the ball as she took on two defenders from Texas Tech. With this, she demonstrated control and became a statement player for the Cyclones as she was able to apply heavy amounts of pressure on her own.

The Red Raiders played a physical game, getting really close to defense and attacking with more contact than the Cyclones have seen all season.

Ashleigh Williams and Hannah Reid were in a physical encounter where Reid was attempting to defend the ball, and as they went into the box shoulder to shoulder, Williams scored the first goal of the night for the Red Raiders.

The Cyclones had a hard time keeping up with the aggressive defense the Red Raiders posted throughout the game, which kept them from traveling the ball across the field and ended the first half of the game at 1-0 for the Red Raiders.

Fixated on the target

Moving into the second half, the Cyclones had to aim their efforts into incorporating a more aggressive offense to approach the net more frequently.

The Cyclones demonstrated adaptability and maintained the Red Raiders’ defense on their toes. However, that wasn’t enough, as they made yet another mistake granting the Red Raiders another free kick.

At the 60:18 mark, the Red Raiders took advantage of that free kick, and Charlotte Teeter assisted Ashleigh Williams into her second goal of the night.

The Cyclones maintained a streak of fouls and granted the Red Raiders a penalty kick. Macy Schultz delivered the third goal of the night at the 62:14 mark.

With some time on the clock, the Cyclones landed a penalty kick as there was a handball in the box, but Mira Emma faced Maddie White’s skills before the scoreline. The match remained 3-0.

On to the next

Iowa State missed several opportunities to score. They came close to the net several times and missed several free kicks.

The battle for the first conference victory continues as the Cyclones continue their streak of games on the road. At 1 P.M. CT, Oct. 9, the Cyclones travel to Fort Worth, Texas, to face TCU.