Iowa State club starts newspaper drive for local animal shelters


Courtesy of the SHRA Club

Members of Students Helping Rescue Animals set up a table at Destination Iowa State to invite members to join. The group is a volunteer organization aimed on helping shelter animals and educate the community about what they can do to help. 

Jordyn Dubois

Members of Students Helping Rescue Animals (SHRA) will be starting a new fundraiser this year called Paper for Paws.

Paper for Paws was created to draw awareness to supplies for animal shelters that may go unnoticed: newspapers. While food, toys and bedding are important supplies at shelters, newspapers are also top priority.

Starting this November, members of SHRA are asking the community to help the Ames Animal Shelter and Story County Animal Shelter. The club is looking for anyone who is willing to donate their old newspapers instead of recycling them or throwing them away.

Our organization would like to help with this need, and we’re hoping our fellow Ames animal-lovers can aid in this endeavor!” said Payton Wise, president of SHRA.

On Nov. 11, paper bags will be given out to the community in the surrounding neighborhoods and asked to use the remainder of November to fill the bags with old newspapers. Dedicated members of the group will be back Dec. 2 to collect the bags filled with old newspapers. SHRA asks participants to leave the bags near the front door for this collection.

Newspapers collected in this event will be taken back to the shelters. These donations will allow better care for local homeless animals in the shelters.

Students helping Rescue Animals appreciates any support regarding the Paper for Paws and would love to hear from the community. If you’re a student wanting to help the drive or have any questions concerning Paper for Paws, Students Helping Rescue Animals or how to get involved in helping the local animal shelters you can email the club at [email protected].