Ames officials encourage safety in preparation for flooding


Andrea Dahl/ Iowa State Daily

With heavy rainfall throughout the month of June, Ledges State Park is currently experiencing flooding in its low-lying areas.

Tyrus Pavicich

After several days of consistent rain, the city of Ames is urging residents to practice vigilance and remain safe when dealing with flooded areas.

In a statement released Tuesday, city officials have confirmed they will continue to monitor both the Skunk River and Squaw Creek, expecting their water levels to rise as rainfall continues.

According to a press release from the city of Ames, they will be working with the National Weather Service to predict and prepare for any potential flooding.

“There is still significant rainfall forecasted, and the ground is very saturated,” said John Dunn, water and pollution control director. “I remind our residents that every storm event is different, and previous history is only one indicator of what could happen in a future event. Ames residents should be vigilant and monitor their homes, businesses and property as these situations can change very quickly.”

Officials advise motorists and pedestrians to act cautiously and avoid entering standing water, as it can often be impossible to accurately gauge its depth. In addition, floodwaters may contain debris or contamination making it hazardous to human health.

Ames residents are encouraged to monitor local media for updates. To report hazardous conditions or damage, contact the Ames Police Department at 515-239-5133; Do not call 911 unless there is an immediate threat to someone’s personal safety.