Maddie Diab finishes Cyclone career with great performance at Denver Regional


Collin Maguire/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State junior Maddie Diab celebrates after the floor exercise in the Cyclones’ gymnastics meet against the University of Nebraska on Jan. 7.

Andrea Maldonado, Sports Reporter

Entering the NCAA Championship, Iowa State brought forward Maddie Diab to represent the Cyclones as a specialist in the floor exercise. Diab closes her career as a Cyclone gymnast landing a 9.900 at the Denver Regional.

To highlight Maddie Diab’s performance throughout the entirety of the regular season, Diab has been a consistent performer who continuously scored 9.9 or higher in almost every meet of the 2023 season. This consistency allowed her to place 18th in the nation at the end of the regular season. 

As she headed into the Denver Regional, the pressure was on to not only perform to the best of her abilities but with the hope of advancing to the National Championships. 

However, according to head coach Jay Ronayne, Diab is an individual that is able to work through the pressure as every routine she’s done so far in her collegiate career and this season has had the same intent and the same calm perspective.

While her routine was “ordinarily spectacular” as referenced by Ronayne, her score fell short of the scores posted by the Michigan Wolverines during the second rotation of the night. 

The Wolverines set the bar high for Diab as they posted several 9.900 or higher in the opener routines and ended the rotation with a 10.00 from Sierra Brooks. 

Diab scored a 9.900, but it was not quite what she needed to advance. As her career came to a close, Ronayne took an opportunity to express how proud he was of her and how far she has come since the day she set foot in Beyer Hall. 

“My favorite moments as a coach were watching Diab overcome her struggle on vault and finally make a debut on her senior year and witnessing her score a perfect 10.00 in Hilton,” Ronayne said.

Maddie Diab leaves behind a bright legacy in the Iowa State gymnastics program as she crowned herself a two-time All-Big 12 Team member and the second perfect 10.00 on floor exercise in Iowa State history.