Punt, pass and pick: Cyclones take on Texas Tech

Wide Receiver Hakeem Butler is knocked to the ground following a catch during the first half of the ISU vs WV Game Oct. 13. Iowa State Defeated West Virginia 14-30

Aaron Marner

Aaron Marner (4-2)

Sports editor

Iowa State 37

Texas Tech 24

Texas Tech is 5-2 entering Saturday’s game. The Red Raiders have momentum, coming in having won two games in a row.

You know who else has won two games in a row?

I think Iowa State pulls off its third straight win (which would also move coach Matt Campbell to 3-0 all-time against the Red Raiders). Iowa State’s offense, specifically the passing attack, has really woken up the last few games. Brock Purdy and his receivers could have big games against a Texas Tech defense that has allowed 49, 47 and 42 points in various games this year.

In a fast-paced game, I like Iowa State’s defense. The Cyclones have ramped up the pressure in the last two weeks with 14 sacks combined against Oklahoma State and West Virginia. One of the keys to that has been cycling through a rotation to keep players fresh. That strategy should work well in a high-scoring affair, so the Cyclones should have the upper hand in that regard.

In the end, I think Iowa State grabs its third straight win by a comfortable margin.

Trevor Holbrook (2-4)

Assistant sports editor

Iowa State 31

Texas Tech 30

Iowa State and October go together like Brock Purdy and pump fakes.

I think the momentum keeps rolling for the Cyclones on homecoming. David Montgomery will continue to benefit from Purdy and his running threat, and Purdy will continue to benefit from Montgomery’s running ability. On defense, I don’t expect Iowa State to turn in a performance as dominate as it did against West Virginia, but I think the unit will have another solid performance.

The Cyclone defense allows an average of 22.7 points per game, and the Red Raider offense hangs an average of 43.9 points on the scoreboard per game. I think Iowa State fails to limit the point total under 23, but I think Texas Tech won’t hit its average, either. Based on my record, though, what do I know?

Noah Rohlfing (4-2)

Assistant sports editor

Texas Tech 34

Iowa State 31

I see I’m going against the grain here.

Iowa State is much improved, there’s no doubt about that. The Cyclones have shown offensive signs of life under the leadership of one Brock Purdy, and there’s no reason to believe his performance will drop off a cliff. However, he is a true freshman, and I believe there will be a slight regression this weekend.

However surprising it may be, there is ample evidence to suggest Tech is actually pretty good. Their defense has improved immensely (despite being 88th in yards per play), and the offense is a Kliff Kingsbury vintage. Another true freshman quarterback in Alan Bowman is lighting up the Big 12 and despite a solid secondary, I’m of the opinion that Bowman will be able to wear down the Cyclones’ backline. This is no West Virginia situation.

Tech will get revenge for a couple of convincing losses to the Cyclones in a thriller, and Iowa State walks out of homecoming weekend below .500 once again.

Or not, what do I know?

Morgan Johnson

Copy chief/football enthusiast

Iowa State 40

Texas Tech 25

It’s October and things are going to get spooky when Iowa State pulls out another homecoming win this year. And we Cyclone fans love a good homecoming win. #spookyszn

I imagine the game will be pretty close, due to Texas Tech’s decent quarterback and its record.

However, Iowa State’s defense has improved since the beginning of the season and the offense is also lookin’ Purdy good which should allow them to edge out the Red Raiders.

Iowa State will have approximately 32 rushing yards in the 2nd quarter, two completed passes and one touchdown, and that’s a fact Jack.

Between Brock Purdy, David Montgomery and Hakeem Butler, it’s safe to say this weekend should close out an already great Brocktober.