Iowa congressional candidate receives personally named ice cream flavor


Ben Cohen (left), co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, J.D. Scholten (middle), Iowa congressional candidate, and Linda Murken (right), Story County Supervisor candidate, scoop ice cream at the, “Take Back Congress with Ben and Jerry, and MoveOn,” event on Oct. 7 in the gallery of the Memorial Union.

Laurel Glynn

Midterm elections and ice cream.

These two seemingly unrelated topics formed a strong bond as democratic congressional candidate J.D. Scholten has earned a Ben and Jerry’s flavor with his namesake. 

On Sunday evening, attendees ranging from students to senior citizens came to Iowa State University’s Memorial Union to hear about Ben and Jerry’s newest flavor: “Joltin’ Scholten’s Grand Slam Home Run.”

This newest addition to the Ben and Jerry’s roster will include “caramel corn and chocolate covered bacon with a strong coffee base to commemorate Iowa’s contribution to our nutrition,” said Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. “The coffee is to give congress the jolt it needs.”

Community members enjoyed free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as Scholten spoke and scooped ice cream alongside Cohen.  

“Free ice cream and a progressive candidate, what’s better?” said College Democrats of Iowa State University President Taylor Blair. 

Cohen said Ames would be the perfect place to announce Ben and Jerry’s new flavor because the town is “the center of the universe” as well as a familiar district for Scholten, who is an Iowa native.

In Scholten’s address, he said “the only thing holding us back now is name recognition. If you want change, you have to vote.”

The night was memorable for Scholten as he reflected on his past.

“I grew up on Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and I’m so in awe of this moment,” Scholten said. “Running for congress is one thing, but having an ice cream flavor named after you is something else entirely.”