Joyrun: students serve students


Photo courtesy of Gabe Stearn

Through the Joyrun app, students can either place orders or choose to be a “runner” and make deliveries.

Julia Meehan

Joyrun, a food delivery service app, aims to connect students by delivering food from local restaurants.

“JoyRun is supposed to be about convenience,” said Taylor Bellings, a junior in Apparel, Merchandising and Design.“Peers getting peers food.”

Not all students on campus have accessibility to a vehicle and the places that CyRide reaches may be limited.

“We cater to a bunch of dorms, residence halls and anybody who is studying too hard or isn’t in the mood to move for the day,” said Gabe Stearns, the marketing lead for JoyRun.

There are a wide variety of food selections that JoyRun provides access to. Everything from fine dining to fast food restaurants in Ames are available for students to order.

Students can also request for a grocery pickup from Hy-Vee or Walmart. However, JoyRun will not pickup or deliver anything that requires an ID.

“I would use the JoyRun app again because it was quick and easy at the tip of my fingers,” said Kaylynn Norcross, freshman in pre-business. “The most convenient thing about the service was I didn’t have to catch a bus or head to Seasons Marketplace for food.”

JoyRun is not the only option out there for delivery services. GoPuff and UberEats offer similar food ordering and delivery options.

Stearns said, JoyRun has more benefits and less restrictions. Unlike JoyRun, UberEats are partnered with specific restaurants. But on the other hand, GoPuff is a warehouse full of particular options such as, snacks, drinks, ice cream and more.

“Whenever you get the munchies, it comes in handy with how awesome they deliver to you,” said Gabe Bortscheller, junior in management. “Depending on the night, one app could be quicker than the other.”

Some students are “runners” for JoyRun who pick up and drop off the orders in order to make some extra cash.

Instead of requesting an order, students can choose to make the run for the order.

From there, runners can choose the destination, specify the meet-up location, the delivery window and the delivery fee.

Not only can you be a runner, but students can be an employee for JoyRun and be scheduled shifts with a pay coming in regularly.

“Since I am a student that works for JoyRun, I have shifts to make sure someone can always run,” Bellings said. “I get guaranteed pay and the shifts are super short and flexible.”

The drivers make money through the delivery fee that is set by the driver.

“The fee is whatever they would pay at the restaurant then a delivery fee set by the driver, typically three dollars, no more than five and a 70-cent service fee,” Stearns said.