Tips: How to stay safe this Halloween


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Celebrating Halloween

Sierra Hoeger

Halloween on campus is truly a sight to see. Students in costumes of all types, impressive decorations in dorms and apartments and the overall spooky atmosphere is truly something to appreciate.

While Halloween is a fun time on campus for nearly every student, it can also be a time for students to be more aware and cautious.

Adopt a buddy system

Going out for Halloween? Make sure to have a buddy to tag along with you. Celebrating with a friend is always fun and it ensures that you have someone responsible by your side. 

With the presence of alcohol, it is always best to have a friend there to watch what you consume and that you’re being safe about it.

It can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement that comes along with Halloween and the various things to do. The buddy system is a perfect way to go out, have fun with friends, and be safe about it.

Choosing someone to stay sober, or having a designated driver lined up, is beneficial because it ensures everyone gets back in one piece. It also ensures no one is going to an unknown location or leaving with strangers.

Walking back with a buddy in town is smart because it lessens the dangers at  night, especially as the celebrations come to an end. 

Be in the know

With the presence of alcohol on campus during this time, it’s always good to know how to be safe about what you’re drinking. If you’re under the legal age, consuming alcohol is not recommended, and shouldn’t be done.

Knowing what’s in your cup is very important because then you know the intensity of the beverage and how much you should consume, or how much you can consume afterwards. Drinking water during, and afterwards, is also very important because it helps the recovery process.

Not letting your cup out of your sight is recommended, due to the fact of unknown liquids or other things such as pills that could be added without your knowledge.

Not letting yourself get too out of control is advised, strongly because getting back to wherever you’re staying that night safely is vital. 

Having a safe place to go to afterwards ensures that you aren’t waking up confused about the events from the previous night, including how you ended up where you are.

Knowing friends and people at celebrations you attend is also recommended because not only is it always nice to have a familiar, friendly face to see, it’s also better for your safety. 

They can be there to help you in the event that things take a turn for the worst and they can also be there to dance the night away with you.


One of the main concerns on campus is student safety. In the event that things take a wrong turn, be sure to contact either the authorities or someone who is willing to help.

For emergencies, always call 911. In a non-emergency situation, the police can be contacted at (515) 294-4428. In medical emergencies, it is always best to call 911 first, but the Thielen Student Health Center number is a good idea as well. Their number is (515) 294-5801.

In the event that the Thielen Student Health Center is closed, Mary Greeley is a good place to call alternatively. The emergency room phone number is (515) 239-2011.

As always, Cyclones, stay safe and have fun in whatever you’re doing. Have a happy Halloween, and a great rest of your spooky season, however long it may be.