Fashion is a sport, too

Freshman Josie Pate poses at the Iowa State vs Oklahoma game in her do-it-yourself gameday outfit. 

Julia Meehan

Do-it-yourself outfits have become a huge trend, which has turned college game day into it’s own fashion event.

College students are finding ways to accomplish these game day looks in an inexpensive way that still shows school spirit. 

In Ames, there are many places to stock up on college gear at reasonable prices such as Walmart, Campustown Spirit, University Bookstore, Barefoot Campus Outfitters and more.

“I bought my game day tee from Salvation Army for only two dollars,” said Malaysia Clayton, senior in psychology.

The options are endless to represent your school colors in a fashion forward way. Students are inspired from Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts, daring to test out the projects themselves. Here are few examples of game day outfits every college student needs to copy.

Crop Tee

A very common game day outfit that any student can master is the cropped tee. All the supplies you need are in your closet. Simply grab an oversized tee and just cut the bottom off. It is better to lay the shirt down to measure it, but if you’re in a rush, it’s easy to quickly snip. In just a few minutes you’ll have a cute, trendy top for the next home game.

“The style of the crop tee is what inspired me,” said Maddie Schleif, senior in marketing. “Everyone is doing it, it’s the new trend.”

Tube Top

Another stylish trend for game day is the tube top. This DIY top takes a bit more effort because there is more than one step to it. Once again, the only supplies needed are a pair of scissors and the tee you have in mind to spice up. There are countless ways to make your tube top unique, from making ties on the back to lacing up the side. It is important to keep in mind a big part of the shirt will be cut off so when deciding what tee to use, choose a shirt with a center design. The tube top works especially perfect on a scorching, sunny game day. 

Halter Top

Similarly, the halter top works well on a hot game day. If you are a college student that is not a fan of the tube top but is still going for a summer look, the halter top is the way to go. No sewing is needed for this look, all you have to do is tie a small tie at the top and you’re all set to hit up the tailgates. You can also head on over to Barefoot Campus Outfitters and learn how to do it yourself. The halter top looks great when paired with a cheerleading skirt or distressed shorts.

Fringe Top

There are some particular game day tops that aren’t as popular for college students, but still stylish. Snipping strings of fringe at the bottom of your college gear adds an entertaining twist to your game day outfit. It is an easy way to turn something that was once a hand me down tee to a fresh shirt that looks like it has never been worn. 

Ribboned Tee

Not to mention, heading to your nearest craft store and picking up ribbon, pompoms, patches or anything that is sparky can create a whole new look. You can choose to challenge yourself and decide to sew it, but if you’re looking for a quick craft, buying fabric glue will do the job.

“My roommates and I were looking at other outfits and this one caught my eye,” said Mollie Hengel, senior in Criminal Justice Studies. “I bought the ribbon from Jo-Ann Fabrics and since I can’t sew I glued the ribbon on the bottom of the tee.” 

T-shirt Dress

Skip the t-shirt game day look and create your own t-shirt dress. Stop on over at the Bookstore or anywhere that sells Iowa State gear and buy an oversized tee. From there you can leave the sleeves on or cut them off to make a tank top dress. Some college students are distressing their outfits, and the distressed look definitely gives off an edgier feel.

“I sprayed the tee with bleach then used a scissor to snip holes to rough it up and distress it,” said Hannah Brooks, sophomore in apparel, merchandising, and design.

T-shirt Dress (no scissors required)

But if you don’t happen to have scissors on hand, no worries. It is pretty simple to create a dress from a t-shirt.

Any college student could simply wear an oversized tee to the next tailgate. Moreover, take an oversized long sleeve, stretch out the collar to fit at your top and wrap the sleeves around to tie at the back, and there you have an instant DIY outfit.

These do it yourself college game day outfits are sure to make you stand out from the rest. With less than five steps, anyone is capable of achieving a trendy look for the next home game. For more inspiration, check out Pinterest, Instagram, your friends and what is being sold in stores. Before football season ends, make sure to create your own unique DIY game day outfit before someone else does.