Textile and Clothing museum celebrates additions from the last five years


Gillian Holte/Iowa State Daily

What’s New? is the Textiles and Clothing Museum newest exhibit. It features garments that have never been on display before. The exhibit will run through Oct. 12 in the Mary Alice Gallery in Morrill Hall.

Alexis Myszka

The Mary Alice Gallery Textile and Clothing Museum held a reception on Sunday for their latest exhibit, ‘What’s New?’ to honor the donors of the clothing and accessories that have been added to the current exhibit over the last five years.

Janet Fitzpatrick described the title of the exhibit as being “up for interpretation.” The collection earned its name from the unique pieces that come from many different eras, countries and donors.

The 43 pieces displayed included items such as patterned dresses from Kenya, a men’s suit dating back to the 1940’s and a handmade wedding dress from one of Iowa State’s own faculty members.

The reception allowed for students, faculty and donors to browse the pieces, but also to connect with each other.

Connection was a big theme for Fitzpatrick who considers the museum to be a place for both teaching and inspiration. She explained how she wants the museum to be a place where students can come in and see real garments from different time periods and places.

The museum’s graduate assistant, Dyese Matthews, shared her view on the impact of seeing these garments in person.

“When you interact with something from that time…it is just different,” Matthews said.

Having the chance to view clothing and accessories from different time periods is a way to acknowledge the past and recognize that people actually crafted the pieces, Matthews said.

The ‘What’s New?’ exhibit will continue to run through Oct. 12.