Order up: GoPuff now available for Ames residents


courtesy of goPuff

The new on-demand delivery app, goPuff, will now offer its services to Ames residents. Smartphone users can download the app and have products including snacks, school supplies, alcohol and more delivered right to their door. 

Kendall Sharp

GoPuff, an on-demand delivery app, is now delivering to Ames residents.

GoPuff offers more than 2,000 products ranging from snacks, drinks, ice cream, school supplies and more.

The company was founded by Drexel University alumnas Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev in 2013, who were featured on the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 list under the “retail and commerce” section.

“Anything you need for your home, your health, your party or your midnight snack cravings, we’ve got you covered,” said Liz Romaine, director of GoPuff communications.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users. After downloading the app, users can set up an account and enter a delivery address.

A delivery charge of $1.95 is applied to each order. But if a customer orders more than $49.95 in products, the delivery charge is waived.

GoPuff is different than other delivery apps such as UberEats and JoyRun.

“We have centrally located warehouses stocked with inventory in each city in which we operate, allowing us to fully control the experience and bring products directly to the customer in those moments they need them most,” Romaine said.

Local warehouses also allow employment opportunities for Iowa State students. Romaine encourages students to become GoPuff delivery drivers as they can create their own schedule and work around their classes.

“By embracing a model that features a full convenience store and alcohol delivery service, we are revolutionizing the industry,” Romaine said. “Plus, we’re extremely popular among college students across the U.S. — and we’re so stoked to now be serving Iowa State.”

Mariam Hassan, junior in public relations, takes advantage of the non-food items the service can deliver.

“I love that GoPuff sells everyday products in addition to food. I am from Abu Dhabi and don’t have a car here,” Hassan said. “I’m able to get every day products delivered to my door without having to bother my roommates to drive me places.”

GoPuff plans to expand their business by selling more diverse products.

“GoPuff is committed to growing its footprint in the area. We just recently opened a location in Iowa City to support the University of Iowa community,” Romaine said.

Romaine also said that new product categories, such as beauty products, will be introduced in the upcoming weeks.

Kayla Kielkucki, junior in event management, also uses GoPuff’s services.

“I live on the fifth floor of my apartment building with no elevator and the delivery guy walked my delivery all the way up the stairs,” Kielkucki said.