New uniforms a hit with players, signifies changing of culture under Campbell

Iowa State players have some fun during the 2018 Media day on Aug. 7.

Noah Rohlfing

Uniforms are always a topic of conversation in college football.

In fact, just yesterday many Power 5 teams, ranging from Nebraska and Miami to Texas A&M and Louisville, unveiled slightly tweaked editions of their jerseys from years prior.

It’s a crazy business and a crazy phenomenon that even small jersey changes have their own headlines and their own critics and fans.

Fans can range from one extreme to the other, either fiercely in favor of a team’s attempt to change it up or by making complaints about keeping traditions and using school colors.

Not that that would ever happen at Iowa State.

With the Cyclones recently debuting a new look for the 2018 season which, for the first time in school history, will include a black jersey/helmet combination (which, according to head coach Matt Campbell, is his favorite combination), The Daily decided to ask a few of the team’s players at Media Day on Tuesday how they felt about the team’s new identity.

At the Media Day scrum in Jack Trice Stadium, the Cyclone players wore the new white jerseys with cardinal pants for photos.

The overarching theme from the players was that the new on-field look symbolized the new identity the Cyclones are going for under Campbell.

“It’s a new, fresh style,” redshirt junior running back Sheldon Croney Jr. said of the new threads.

Croney Jr. emphasized that it was in line with the changing culture at Iowa State, and then divulged his favorite jersey of the three.

“My favorite is the all-black ones,” Croney Jr. added. “When we wear all black, that’s probably going to be my favorite look.”

When asked about the Cyclones’ ill-fated attempt at a secondary logo in the Texas game last season (it has been seen in merchandise but not seen on the field since), Croney Jr. gave a laugh and a “no comment.”

Junior defensive end JaQuan Bailey, however, was a fan of the Cyclone logo because it’s part of the Campbell era.

Bailey was also a fan of his new No. 3 in the white jerseys.

Senior wideout Hakeem Butler is one of the Cyclones’ team leaders heading into the 2018 season, and he led the pack of players bigging up the new jerseys on Twitter the afternoon of the announcement.

Butler had no hesitation when asked about his favorite combination, backing up his earlier Tweets.

“The all-white set,” Butler said. “It just looks so clean.”

Butler also was a fan of the new jerseys getting rid of the striping that was ever-present since 2008, the last time Iowa State had a uniform overhaul. Butler added that the culture changing meant that the old uniforms needed a reboot.

“It all looks smooth,” Butler said. “We’re growing as a team, the uniforms gotta grow too. We can’t keep that old school stuff.”

The new uniforms aren’t just a sign of the times. The way the players see it, it’s just another part of Campbell’s vision for the Iowa State program.