Student Government discusses trademark policy at their first meeting of the year

Vice President Juan Bibiloni presides over the Student Government for their first meeting of the semester in the Gallery Room of the Memorial Union Wednesday night.

Jill Alt

Student Government Senators are seeking to demand from the University that threatening rhetoric regarding trademarks be reversed, in a Resolution introduced at tonight’s Student Government meeting.

Student Government met for their first meeting of the 2018-19 school year in the Gallery Room of the Memorial Union Wednesday night. 

Student Government Senator Sam Freestone introduced a Resolution “Denouncing Iowa State’s Trademark Policy” in response to Iowa State University unrolling a new policy regarding Trademark Policy on the University’s name and logos.

Iowa State’s new policy regarding its trademark is due to a lawsuit against NORML—the National Organization for Reformation of Mariuana Laws—last year. Iowa State dropped its appeal, and has taken measures to ensure the same situation doesn’t happen in the future.

“I think it’s a really bad policy from the university that is only going to cause a rift between students and administration,” Freestone said at the meeting. 

Freestone is an author of the Resolution, along with Senator Wyatt Scheu, Senator Ian Steenhoek and Senator Rachel Origer.

Freestone concluded his reading of the Resolution by saying, “It’s a dumb policy.”

The resolution takes a strong stance against the policy and states:

“Iowa State Student Government requests Iowa State University Trademark cease, desist, and reverse all threatening rhetoric towards the clubs and organizations under which the Government represents, and be it also that Iowa State Student Government requests President Wendy Wintersteen reprimand the originator of this policy, up to termination.”

A representative from the University and the new policy will be present at the Student Government meeting next Wednesday, Aug. 29, to discuss the policy.

Students seeking voices for Diversity and Inclusion on Iowa State’s campus now have seven new representatives in Student Government as of tonight.

The new at large members talked about issues that were important to them such as LGBTQIA+, gender identity and tensions, lack of education of diversity on campus, disability inclusion and representation of women of color at Iowa State. 

New At-Large Member Jaclyn Stiller commented during the meeting that students who are Iowa Natives from rural areas, especially caucasians and males, lack diversity education. She seeks to make this a priority as an at large member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

Four senators, including Austin Graber, Travis Lipford, Anne Miller and Madison Mueller, were seated to the Finance Committee as well.

Also introduced at the meeting was a bill to put in plants at a grass patch commonly flooded near the Gerdin School of Business. 

Student Government will reconvene next Wednesday, Aug. 29, in the Memorial Union.