A ‘rapidly evolving weather situation’: City of Ames monitors floods closely


Mikinna Kerns/Iowa State Daily

Heavy rain causes a flash flood warning throughout Ames.

Isd Staff

Water, water everywhere. 

The city of Ames has experienced intense rainfall since the early morning, and the city is continuing to monitor flooding throughout the day, according to a press release from assistant city manager Bob Kindred. The city, Iowa State and the National Weather Service are monitoring the weather closely. 

The press release also said that residents should not drive across roads with standing water, as “flood water can be deceptively deep, hide washed out roadways and debris, or be contaminated.”

The press release also said that if water levels threatened or disconnected electricity, residents should contact Ames Electric Services Outage Reporting and leave their address. 

River flooding is also being monitored, and information on water levels of the Squaw Creek and Skunk River can be found here.