Need To Know: Intramurals



Noah Rohlfing

So you want to join intramurals, huh?

The Iowa State intramurals are a way for students who love sports and athletic events but aren’t playing for Iowa State’s athletic teams to compete against each other.

There are more than 40 sports and activities offered by Iowa State Recreational Services, according to their website. Those sports range from the basic sports — flag football, basketball, soccer — to the somewhat less mainstream, such as Spikeball and summer Pickleball tournaments.

According to Iowa State Recreational Services, thousands of students participate in intramural sports each year. Some even win T-shirts! Only the winners, though.

So, if you’re looking for a way to join intramural sports (and looking for a place to see if there are new sports being offered this season), here’s who can join and how to join.

As it turns out, lots of people can participate! Iowa State students (new or returning) who have paid the “Activity and Service Fee” on their U-bill are eligible for intramurals. Also eligible are DMACC students in the Admissions Partnership Program, as well as ISU Card-holders over the age of 18.

One of the main ways to sign up is to first find a group of teammates for the many team events that are offered (or the singular events, of which there are few).

If you are in a residence hall or a greek house that fields a team, make sure to be in contact with the hall/house’s personal Rec Services manager. They are there to help in any way they can, and they will make it much easier to sign up for an event. Otherwise, you’re on your own. You can either form a team with friends or join another team as a free agent by signing up at the Rec Services site.

Each event will have a sign-up date, and according to their website, Rec Services does not accept late entries, so make sure to keep an eye on the sign-up dates and get on top of things. They’ll be listed on the Intramurals Schedule page online and will be posted in Beyer Hall outside of the main Intramurals office. When you sign up, you can request a level of competition that you want to partake in as well.

Rec Services is also transgender-inclusive and will allow athletes to participate in the division that represents their gender identity.

More resources can be found at the Rec Services website at The site will include a full list of job opportunities if you find yourself interested in working at intramural events, as well as a full schedule of event sign-up dates and start dates for competition.